Traditional Dress of Angola a Symbol of the Ethnic Culture

Western-style clothing is common in Angola In the towns and cities, but many people still wear traditional clothing in the villages. Angolan youth prefer casual jeans and T-shirts, except for special occasions. There are a few groups, such as the Mukubao in the southern Angolan province of Kuando Kubango, who do not wear any clothing.

Jah Bouks - Angola [Official Video 2013]

Faces of Angola

Angola National Flag Light Night

Angola gained independence in 1975. Since that time, it has been a satellite country under the sphere of influence of first the Soviet Union and later Russia. It's capital city is one of the most expensive in the world, an enduring testimony to the power of petroleum, even after prices fall.


Human Faces and the Angolan Flag

A Portuguese colony founded on the coast in 1575 soon came to be known as Angola. Then, at the end of the nineteenth century, the name was given to a much larger territory that was envisaged to come under Portuguese influence. Finally, in 1975, this area became an independent country under the name República Popular de Angola (People's Republic of Angola). The "Popular" was later dropped.

For decades, from 1961 forward, sustained civil war destroyed cultural institutions, forced people to flee, and divided the territory between the belligerent forces. Thus it is difficult to speak of a single national culture. It is also difficult to obtain reliable information because the war has precluded research in many areas.

Overview of Angola - Economy, Tourism & More

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Angola's National Assembly

The long-governing People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) has held a majority in the National Assembly since independence. As a result of the civil war, elections were delayed for years and then eventually held in 2008, increasing the power of the presidency.

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