Mother Armenia TITAR

The Mother Armenia statue symbolizes peace through strength and reminds viewers of some of the prominent female figures in Armenian history-

Its location on a hill overlooking Yerevan makes it look like a guardian of the Armenian capital and its people. Every year on 9 May, thousands of Armenians visit the statue of Mother Armenia and lay flowers to commemorate the Armenian martyrs of World War II.

What Armenia Tourism Offers as Souvenirs

Armenia, great diversity in nature, cuisine and attractions – even the choice of souvenirs one wants to bring home.


Armenians are known for their welcoming, hospitable and smiling character. In spite of often harsh historical conditions, Armenians always persevere and enjoy life.

When the heavy snowfalls make it very difficult to get around streets and highways, the people of Armenia often just stay at home with the television. Reading also occupies an important place in their lives as they are also a very cultured people.

Faces of Armenia

Etchmiadzin Cathedral Armenian is the Mother Church

The Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia was built in the early fourth century—between 301 and 303 according to tradition. The cathedral subsequently suffered centuries of virtual neglect but was finally restored in the cathedral has undergone a number of renovations. It further revived in the second half of the twentieth century, and under independent Armenia.

Armenia Main Attractions

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is a cozy city famous for its beautiful architecture. Built in 782 BC, which shows that Yerevan is older than Rome! For those who are in Yerevan for the first time, we recommend visiting its center known for its unique architecture masterpieces, cozy cafés, restaurants, and beautiful parks. The heart of the capital is formed by the Republic Square. Close to the square you will find the Northern Avenue, the most modern and high-end part of the capital with its fashionable boutiques and shops, office buildings and luxury hotels.

Discover Armenia

Armenian Taraz National Dress

Traditional dress is important in Armenia, "taraz" is one of the traditional elements of culture and lifestyle that is preserved. It includes both the elements of vestment and the ornaments framing them or as people say ”the get-up”.Taraz has had aesthetic value since ancient times and has been adopted to the climatic conditions and ethnic environments throughout Armenia.

By the color and form of Armenian national dress it was possible to guess not only whether the person was married or not, but also how many children they had.

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5 Things NOT To Do in Armenia

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