Annual Bermuda Day

Formerly known as Empire Day and first celebrated in 1902, what is now Bermuda Day is a celebration of national identity and post-colonial political heritage. It is a public holiday and is usually held on May 24th every year. If the date falls on a weekend, then it is held the following Monday. Bermuda Day is sometimes referred to as Heritage Day as it showcases the island's culture and heritage. 

Exploring Bermuda.

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Faces of Bermuda

Race and Culture of Bermuda

The culture of Bermuda reflects the heritage of its people, who are chiefly of African and European descent with a small minority of Asian immigrants also sharing the island. This makes for a beautiful people resulting from interracial marriages that have existed for a long time. A strong North American cultural influence is obvious: the currency is the US dollar and most of the television programs watched in Bermuda come from the US.

Bermuda's Music

The music of Bermuda is especially unique, with its own sound. Steelpan, Calypso, choral music, an array of bagpipe music continues to be played as well by the descendents of Irish and Scottish settlers.

Bermuda Festival for the Performing Arts

Bermuda festival for performing arts is an annual event and the island becomes an international hub of cultural exchange. Performing artists from all over the world come to Bermuda to participate in this event and cater to a diverse range of audiences. This event is now some three decades old and has become an integral part of Bermuda's cultural tradition.  How would you like to take a selfie with the folks in the picture?



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