Culture of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican people and their customs have origins that consist predominantly of a European cultural base, with both African and native Taíno influences. The Dominican Republic was the site of the first European settlement in the New World, specifically Santo Domingo, founded in 1493.

Shortly after the arrival of the Europeans, the African peoples were imported to the island to serve as slave labor. The fusion of European, African and Taíno traditions and customs contributed to the development of the Dominican culture that we currently know.

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Dominican Carnival

Carnival in the Dominican Republic is a celebration that takes place throughout February, although some Dominicans (rarely) celebrate it during Holy Week in March. Dominicans tend to be more festive on February 27, since it is Dominican Independence Day. In Santo Domingo, the celebrations include a large military exhibition with the Dominican air force, the army and the army. The festivities often include the use of colorful costumes that symbolize Dominican religious and traditional characters such as Calife, Guloya and Diablo Cojuelo. The festivities take place throughout the island, and each town adds its own touch to the celebration for the holidays.

Faces of Dominican Republic

Folkloric Dress from the Dominican Republic

When on a beach or resort, the proper way to dress is only bathing suits, shorts and T-shirts at breakfast and / or lunch. However, at dinner it is more formal, so people often wear skirts, long pants and collared shirts. In Santa Domingo, although clothing is stricter for dinner, women wear dresses and men wear pants. After dinner, it is acceptable to wear light jackets and / or sweaters. In addition to dinner in Santa Domingo, the woman only wears dresses for festivals, carnivals or for carnivals and festivals. It is popular to use Diablos Cojuelos for some types of festivals.

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Dominican Republic

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