Selfie at the Pyramids Egypt

Tourists are enthusiastic, they enjoy documenting their experiences around the world and they love taking photos that say "look at where I am today! Just look at how awesome my photo ideas are! Unfortunately for some of these tourists though (and fortunately for us), sometimes these "creative" photos end up sending completely different signals to the viewers, leaving them in laughter instead of in awe. Egypt's Great Pyramids of Giza, arguably the most famous ancient landmark in the world, has witnessed way too many of these attempts.

Saidi Rhythmatiq by Karim Nagi (Egyptian GoPro Selfie Stick Dance)

Volunteer in Egypt Takes a Selfie

For many people, visiting Egypt and taking a selfie with the Great Pyramids is enough. But many want to immerse themselves and enjoy being able to learn culture, language and volunteer in Egypt.
Most of the volunteer programs focus on the main cities, Cairo and Alexandria. There are projects that focus on the development of the community, the environment or education. And there are opportunities to work directly with international NGOs or local nonprofits. By exploring our guide, you can have a better idea of what it will take to take on a volunteer project in Egypt.
No matter what program you choose and how you offer your time and energy, spending real time in Egypt is a life changing experience and is never forgotten.


Faces of Egypt

Will Smith Snaps Selfie with Tutankha

Will Smith was seen taking an epic selfie with the mask of the pharaoh child of ancient Egypt Tutankhamun, since his visit to Egypt this week seems to be taking the Internet by surprise.
The photos published by the official of the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, Walid al-Batouty, showed Smith visiting the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo, while taking pictures of the glorious relics on display. Smith landed in Cairo on Sunday, and it seems the Egyptians can not hide their emotion.
The American actor said that this is his first visit to Egypt and added that it was more beautiful than he expected.
The images in the local media showed the enthusiastic fanatics making selfies with the legend near the Pyramids of Giza and in the museum.
His "secret visit" was meant to be far from the center of attention, at his request, to enjoy a quiet holiday in Egypt, said an adviser to the Ministry of Tourism.

This is Egypt

Chacon Traveled to Egypt

Before the pioneer Cross Egypt Challenge, Eihab Boraie sits with the last selfies emperor, Alex Chacon, to discuss why he left his medical career and decided to travel the world on a motorcycle. The Cross Egypt Challenge, of 3,000 kilometers and nine days, officially opens and documents that the impressive trip is none other than the acclaimed selfie, cameraman and professional adventurer Alex Chacon.
Going bigger and better than ever, the Cross Egypt Challenge is officially underway and has attracted many tourists to take the challenge, although none so famous as the American Alex Chacon who achieved international fame when he compiled the most epic 360 degree selfie itself visiting 36 countries in 600 days. "Originally I started as a doctor, I sold everything I had three years ago and started traveling around the world on a motorcycle, it was not until I became a cameraman that people really started to realize what I was doing," explains Chacón.

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The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Nikol john Holiday Drone in Egypt GoPro, Selfie Stick.

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