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Democrats Take a Joyous Selifie in Alabamba, December 2017

Alabama took a selfie in December of 2017 and elected a Democrat to the Senate for the first time since 1994. The Republican defeat in the center of the very heart of the deep south was a big win for the folks in the picture, humble people, working class people, poor people, black people, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, all non-whites and non-Christians – along with women and the LGBT community.

A new Alabama emerging finally, partially, making timid steps towards overcoming its brutally racist and misogynist past and stepping forward to join civilized places like California and New York. The losers are the dominant white male supremacist Republican class, the KKK, Donald Trump who back the Republican candidate Roy Moore, both of them accused of sexual misconduct by a growing chorus of women.

The rebirth of Alabama cuts across color lines, with as many white Democrats voting against Roy Moore as a result of their sheer numbers. Still, while white democrats in Alabama are still far outnumbered by their Republican counterparts, the tide is turning, against racism, the sexual harassment of women and girls, and against Donald Trump, himself a most potent symbol of racism and chauvinistic sexual abuse.





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