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Faith Edinger Spicer, 3609 River Bluff Road

My name is Faith Edinger Spicer and I live at 3609 River Bluff Road and I also own the home next door, 3611 River Bluff Road. Most of the time I spend in 3609, on right, in my new hot tube, my way of beating the cold and remembering all the good times that I had on the beach when I had a man to invite me on vacation to the Caribbean. Looking for a really hot Hoosier babe to take to the beach?

I have now been divorced 3 times, the last one to Raymond Spicer. We went out country dancing together for a quarter of a century at all the animal clubs in Bedford and much of Southern, Indiana: Eagles, Moose, Elks, etc. The lodges, bed and breakfasts, car shows, we had a good time most of the time, but it ended. Now I am all alone but still hot as a firecracker and looking for husband number 4. Any takers?

I am an especially wet item at the beach and this cold weather is getting me down. Look at my house all covered in snow! But I am all warm and cozy inside!!! Drop by and say hello!




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