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Using Facebook to brag about crimes in jail in Alabama


In 2017 the Alabama Department of Corrections reported that it was investigating reports of inmates using illegal cell phones to post to social media sites. It seems that many inmates were simply using Facebook on cellphones to conduct business as usual on the outside, for example. An inmate under the username "Avondale Jay”, for example, posted a photo of a man's battered face and a caption boldly bragging about beating the man over a drug debt. "When you owe the wrong n****.. a n**** will have u like this..Kmsl don't f**** with a n**** s**** u can't pay," the poster wrote.

Avondale Jay wrote in a later comment that the beaten inmate owed him for methamphetamine, also known as "ice.""Owe 500$ for some ice," he wrote. "u no how they money good but they a try to walk a n**** a knew batch drop."

The post has more than 80 likes and a dozen comments, including one from another apparent inmate, who wrote a profanity-laced comment that ended with "he owe me from Limestone."

"I guess he'll pay next time..Lol," another commentor wrote.

Who was the inmate behind Avondale Jay? A quick search on ADOC's inmate database turned up Ricky Rahaj Jay at Bibb Correctional Facility. Court records show Jay pleaded guilty to murder in a 2009 Christmas Eve robbery and shooting death at an East Lake clothing store. He's serving a 30-year prison sentence. Another account appeared to belong to death row inmate Roderick Byrd, convicted in a triple murder in a 2005, the infamous Thanksgiving Day robbery at the Airport Inn in Birmingham, Alabama. A Jefferson County jury recommend Byrd be sentenced to death.

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