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Chuck Davis, Superior Small Engines, Mitchell, Indiana, USA

Click here for Details about Child Abuse, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Chuck and Jonda Davis at Superior Small Engines, Mitchell Indiana

My name is Charles (Chuck) Davis of Mitchell, Indiana. I am one of the top elders in the Mitchell Congregation and very active knocking on doors to help people in the Mitchell, Indiana Community. Here I am with my dear friend Raymond Spicer who was my regular partner for years going from door to door in the community looking for people of interest. I love Ray dearly and although he has had some problems these last few years, I fully support him and feel deep in my heart that he loves Jehovah very much. He is a kind man and a good Christian brother who has a special fondness for children.

This is my house which I love very much, I hope to take it with me into the New System since we will both indoubtedly survive the coming Armageddon of fire as a result of my profound faith in Jehovah. I own Superior Small Engines Inc., here in Mitchell, Indiana, and you can drop in there at any time and I will share some good news of the Kingdom of God with you and how you can prepare for it in Mitchell, Indiana (even saving your own home).



Last but not least, this is my fine wife Jonda Davis with whom I am very happy. She loves to knock on doors with me whenever I go to spread the Kingdom news about living forever. She is also very good around the house in a multitude of ways. Praise Be to Jehovah on High!


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