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Friends Roberto, Ron, and Mike at Crazy Horse Restaurant and Bar, Bloomington, Indiana

While not fully aware of it at the time, these were my glory days, late 40s, before things started falling apart around 50. The Crazy Horse Restaurant and Bar in Bloomington, Indiana was our principal watering hole. As the name suggests, it is a place with an undercurrent of rebellion mixed with the celebration and a steady stream of ladies upon which to shower our gaze and hope for the most unlikely. I am Roberto in the center, the handsome cus in the black sweater. On the right with the camera is Mike and on the left in the flannel shirt is Ron. Both of them are hard-hitting biotech professionals who continue to this day to while away their time sipping dark beer in a number of spots all pretty much in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. You might get lucky enough to see them out and about the town. If so, tell them Roberto in Bolivia said hi, homesick but stable, always with Indiana, ‘home’, in the back of my mind.

I realize now, thousands of miles away and it was a long time ago, that I remember and even miss the woodwork in the Crazy Horse Bar. It is cozy, a lovely place to share. There are other nice spots in downtown Bloomington where we would gather as well. Bloomington is to Indiana what Madison is to Wisconsin. A liberal Mecca, the celebration of Crazy Horse with a tall glass of beer could not be more timely, politically correct, and even legal, if you do not have too many. A toast to days gone by!





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