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Winged Demon Selfie in Arizona


Some of the nearly one million users that investigated this image say that it was a palm tree.


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Sorority Girls and Selfie Mania at an Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Sometimes, sorority girls are thought of as at least looking if not being superficial. Sometimes, selfies bring out the best or the worst of this phenomenon, as one can note at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.


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Samuel Johns Motivational Speaker and Musician, Advocate for the Homeless, Alaska

Johns travels Alaska as a motivational speaker, promoting sobriety. For years, he was a binge drinker but stopped drinking in 2007.

"That was a different life ago," he said.



He's been invited to speak and perform at conferences and schools, traveling to communiti…

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sees Russia from her house as Vicepresidential Candidate in 2008

Sarah Palin, then Governor of Alaska and candidate for the Vice Presidency on the Republican ticket, up against Barack Obama for his first of two presidential elections, when questioned about her foreign policy experience, she famously declared that "I can see Russia from my house."

Along wit…

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Using Facebook to brag about crimes in jail in Alabama


In 2017 the Alabama Department of Corrections reported that it was investigating reports of inmates using illegal cell phones to post to social media sites. It seems that many inmates were simply using Facebook on cellphones to conduct business as usual on the outside, for example. An in…

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Democrats Take a Joyous Selifie in Alabamba, December 2017

Alabama took a selfie in December of 2017 and elected a Democrat to the Senate for the first time since 1994. The Republican defeat in the center of the very heart of the deep south was a big win for the folks in the picture, humble people, working class people, poor people, black people, Asians…

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Friends Roberto, Ron, and Mike at Crazy Horse Restaurant and Bar, Bloomington, Indiana

While not fully aware of it at the time, these were my glory days, late 40s, before things started falling apart around 50. The Crazy Horse Restaurant and Bar in Bloomington, Indiana was our principal watering hole. As the name suggests, it is a place with an undercurrent of rebellion mixed with the…

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Faith Edinger Spicer, 3609 River Bluff Road

My name is Faith Edinger Spicer and I live at 3609 River Bluff Road and I also own the home next door, 3611 River Bluff Road. Most of the time I spend in 3609, on right, in my new hot tube, my way of beating the cold and remembering all the good times that I had on the beach when I had a man to invi…

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Chuck Davis, Superior Small Engines, Mitchell, Indiana, USA

Click here for Details about Child Abuse, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Chuck and Jonda Davis at Superior Small Engines, Mitchell Indiana

My name is Charles (Chuck) Davis of Mitchell, Indiana. I am one of the top elders in the Mitchell Congregation and very active knocking on doors to help people …

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