Extreme Selfie on the Television Mast Tartu, Estonia

Teenagers posed on top of a 600-foot television tower in Estonia
The trio of ages 17 and 19 was not afraid to climb to the top of the metal structure. All they brought with them was a self-adhesive and a camera, to record stunts without any safety equipment
They had already planned to climb the tower for 'months' since they wanted 'a great challenge', 17-year-old leader Ervin Punker says that a great climb is no different than climbing a tree. ending with a filming performed with biting acrobatics on top of the 600-foot Alura Tartu TV tower, which was built in 1857.
It took the intrepid trio an hour to reach the top, where they performed death-defying stunts over the sprawling landscape of Tartu, which is the second largest city in Estonia.

Faces of Estonia

Prince Harry Delights Fans by Posing for Selfies in Estonia

Prince Harry began his three-day tour of Estonia and Italy on Friday, arriving in the capital of the Baltic country, Tallinn, for his first engagement.
The prince laid a wreath at the War of Independence monument in Freedom Square, known as Vabaduse väljak, before attending a reception in the Estonian Parliament with government officials.
However, before the reception, Harry delighted the waiting fans, chatting with them and posing for selfies. The 29-year-old boy was even forced when a follower asked him to hold the poster in the form of a crown that she had brought with her name for a picture with the prince.

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The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia


Selfie Stick Video - Tallinn, Estonia [June 05, 2016] - Brian May

Estonia's President to be Supplanted on Facebook

The president of Estonia Toomas Herndrik and his cabinet have tried almost everything, but without success removed from the Internet a false profile of the head of state of the small Baltic country created in the social network Facebook "," The workers of the presidential chancellery have done everything possible to eliminate the false profile, "said the president's public relations adviser to the newspaper.
Authorities in the former republic call the fake account "theft of personal data" and police could act if the Estonian president denounces the facts, said police spokeswoman Helin Vaher.
Helindrik Ilves is known as a great promoter of new technologies and although, according to the local press, the politician has also suffered some discomfort due to his hobby.
As the same Estonian leader has acknowledged, on the webcam of his personal computer he has had to tape tape so that hackers can not see what he does in his private and personal life.

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