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With a myriad of tourist attractions all close together Europe is a great place to visit. Whether a tourist is looking for a romantic vacation, a family vacation, or just a quiet get away Europe is the spot. With something to do for everyone it is perhaps the single best travel destination in the world.

Rome, for example has a great deal of religious significance as it houses the Vatican and several Christian cathedrals. The medieval castles and cathedrals of Spain, France, and the United Kingdom stand out as especially exceptional.

GoPro Travel Selfie - Europe Summer 2016

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Faces of Europe

European Traditional Clothes

In Europe as elsewhere, folk costumes express an identity through clothes, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history - or both. Such costumes generally come in two forms - one for everyday occasions and work, the other for traditional festivals. Wearing the folk costumes of your region is a great way to promote your identity and show others how wonderful it feels to be European.

Irish Culture in Dublin

Dublin has always been the cultural centre of Ireland and one of Europe's foremost cultural centers of gravity. Home to the likes of George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift, Dublin has given its share to the advancement of the arts and literature.

Historic Cathedrals and government buildings witness the grandeur of eras gone by and the world-famous Irish castles provide visitors with valuable insights into the history of Ireland, along with its many secrets and mysteries.

Europe Preserves an Enormous Amount of History

Europe Travel Selfie

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Selfie Around Europe in 360 Degrees

Faces of European Culture

It is impossible to form a single, all-embracing conception of European culture.

There are, however, some core elements which are generally agreed upon as forming the cultural foundation of modern Europe: A common cultural and spiritual heritage derived from the civilizations of Greece and Rome, Christianity and Renaissance Humanisim coupled to the political thinking of the enlightenment, all this stands at the core.

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