One Last Selfie Tully Smyth and Jade Albany Leave Fiji Behind After a Week of Partying and Tanning in Tropical Paradise

She's had an incredible week partying and exploring in a tropical paradise.
So it's no wonder Tully Smyth tried to capture the moment as she left Fiji with her friend and fellow former Big Brother comrade, Jade Albany on Sunday.
Standing close to her friend with a stunning backdrop of clear water behind them, Tully pursed her lips together as she posed in reflective sunglasses and a dark bikini top.

Volunteer in Fiji

We all know that traveling to Fiji means getting a real taste of paradise, but what if we told you that it could make your adventure twice significant? Joining a volunteer project in Fiji means it can contribute to improving the lives of Fiji's local communities and wildlife. With projects lasting up to two weeks there is something suitable for everyone, so whether you are on a gap year or just passing by while on your travels, we have y ou covered.

Top 6 things to do in Fiji!

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Faces of Fiji


The Wall that United Spain and FIJI

The Spanish rugby team 7 was fully prepared for a pre-Olympic tournament that ended successfully. In mid-February they were in Fiji, preparing the appointment that would finally give them the pass to the dream of the Olympic Games. On February 20, with them there, the largest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere hit the Fiji Islands.
The Lions did not hesitate, in the middle of the storm they had to help. They dug and filled sandbags to build a dam that could decelerate the speed of the sea to reach the lowest houses on the Pacific coast. The winds rained with gusts of up to 360 kilometers per hour.
The entire team went to work after their first day of training and was thoroughly employed to overcome the consequences of the cyclone. They left everything, sank their boots in the mud and began to build the wall. Sandbags in a row that could avoid the great swell that completely floods the small town that lies on the coast. "We will always be grateful, we keep a special place in our hearts for these guys, the men of the Spanish rugby team.

My trip to Fiji

When Fijian PM Frank Bainimarama Took Selfie with Narendra Modi

The prime minister returned home today after a nine-day, three-nation tour of Myanmar, Australia and Fiji during which he had a series of international commitments. And he could enjoy a little of the view offered by the trip.
During his three-nation tour, Modi attended the East Asia and ASEAN-India Summits in Myanmar, the G-20 Summit in Australia and held bilateral meetings with his counterparts in Fiji and Australia.
The two countries also decided to conclude a pending free trade pact until the end of next year and an "early closure" of the civil nuclear agreement that will facilitate imports of uranium into India.
Before arriving in Australia, Modi attended the ASEAN-India Summit and the East Asia Summit in Myanmar.
Where could not miss the opportunity to take a selfie on the beach with the beautiful scenery in the background.

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia


Kids going MAD for a Rugby selfie in Fiji!

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