Superintendent Johnnie Thomas Takes a Selfie

“In Finland what I found is, there is an incredible amount of trust in the students and teachers,” Thomas said. “The [Finnish] schools trust that students know what they need to learn and offer more personalized teaching as a result. And the trust at the teacher level was even more incredible.”

Education is highly personalized in Finland and is built toward each individual student’s learning needs, Thomas said. Finnish teachers spend more time giving individual attention to their students, especially ones who need extra help.

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Faces of Finland

The Great Finnish Road Trip

We hit the road late Thursday. Scott arrived home from work around 6pm and we frantically loaded up the camper van with our many bags and boxes of, 'road trip essentials.' We were eager to hit the open road and cover a good amount of ground before the day drew in to a close.

The first stop in our sights was the town of Savonlinna, situated in the south-east of Finland. The drive took us around three and a half hours as we ended up getting stuck at a draw bridge, mere meters away from where we intended to stop. It was worth it for the impressive views of Olavinlinna castle though. 

Selfies in Finland - IP 2014 Style

Finland Clears Facebook Accounts for Confusion

When a rumor becomes strong, no matter where it comes from, people will end up believing that it is an absolute truth. That is exactly what happened in Finland, many Facebook users decided to delete their profiles after receiving the wrong news that Facebook had made public private messages with the new timeline.
Almost a week ago, the new interface of this social network became public and, as is normal, many people were annoyed by the change, many users realized that they could access very old publications and began to spread the rumor of that private messages were published.
Obviously, this unleashed the madness among thousands of Finns, some only chose to delete all their private messages, while others decided to cancel their subscription permanently on Facebook. This little disaster that only happened in this country caught the attention of Facebook and immediately published a press release clarifying the matter.

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Video Selfie at Levi, Finland

Learning Discovering Study in Finland

 Finland prepares more than 20,000 international students a year for its future, of which 9,000 are exchange students. German, French, Spanish and Italian students represent an especially large part of that. In addition, according to the Center for International Mobility (CIMO), more than 14,000 ordinary international students, mainly from Russia and China, study at Finnish universities and technical schools. And although the courses are usually taught in Finnish or Swedish, at least 300 are taught in English. Leaving as an opinion that education in Finland reached a high degree of perfection, where there are opportunities for all students to finish their studies and even international studies.

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