Tour de France and the Selfie

For fans of any sport, close to the action is where you want to be. Why watch from a distance when you can reach out and touch your sporting hero?

For some events, that's not practical - but in others, there has always been a desire to get close, one being the Tour de France.
The current Tour, which began in Yorkshire, has seen millions coming out to cheer on the riders, but those in the saddle are less happy with some who attempt to take selfies as the riders approach.


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Faces of France

Facebook and Google Defends France From False News

Projects like CrossCheck and CrowdTangle, Silicon Valley's latest effort to change the world, vaguely sounds like a bodybuilder's gym or perhaps a new ticketing website. Instead, it is a broad coalition headed by Facebook and Google to seal false news during an election cycle. The battlefield this time is France, where the divisive presidential election campaigns of 2017 seemed to be the two titans of technology to test their journalistic prowess. The result is CrossCheck, which is published as a collaborative verification project that will help voters decide on what content to trust online.
The idea is for the public to send links whose truthfulness they question, and CrossCheck staff will investigate the use of a variety of new and old tools and techniques. Journalists from 17 French news agencies will participate, including Le Monde and Agence France Presse. They will find and verify the content that circulates online, including stories, photographs, videos, memes and comments.

Facebook Violated Privacy of 33 Million People in France

Facebook would have tracked and used personal information of 33 million users and non-users browsing the Internet.
France's National Computing and Freedom Commission fined Facebook with 150,000 euros ($ 166,000) on Tuesday for carrying out a massive collection of personal data for advertising purposes and without any legal justification.
The Commission emphasized that users had no way of opposing the collection of their personal data, such as political or religious opinions and sexual orientation.
Facebook responded quickly and paradoxically insists that the goal of their work is to "put people in control of their privacy."
It is not the first time that the social network of Mark Zuckerberg faces accusations of violation of privacy. Among many others, in Vienna is the subject of a great demand to violate the privacy laws of the European Union.

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia


France and Germany Will Propose tax for Google Apple Facebook and Amazon

Paris-France and Germany will propose a new tax on Internet giants to pay a "fair contribution" in each country where they are generating money, said on Sunday the Minister of Economy and Finance of France, Bruno Le Maire.
"We will present to our German partners at the next Ministerial Finance Council that a new tax proposal will be made in Tallinn in mid-September" to the giants, including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, Le Maire said in a statement. session of questions and answers in Facebook Live.
"We will propose the volume of business of the large groups as a base, we will establish a level of taxes from there and we will make those large groups pay what they have to pay to the Treasury bonds of the European countries where they have profits", he added.

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