French President Fran├žois Hollande poses for a selfie during his visit to French Polynesia

The French president, François Hollande, recognized that the nuclear tests carried out by his country in the territories of French Polynesia until 1993 had an environmental, sanitary and social impact.
In a speech in Papetee, during a trip to French Polynesia, Hollande with this recognition took a step that should facilitate the compensation procedures that have been claimed by former workers or islanders who feel disadvantaged by these atomic tests.
"Without French Polynesia," he explained, "France would not have had the nuclear weapon and, therefore, with the deterrent force, France would remain a respected nation, but it would not have the capacity to be a fully independent nation, capable of to be heard everywhere, to be able to guarantee its territory "," That contribution that it has made through nuclear tests ", added the head of state," I want to recognize it solemnly ".

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Faces of French Polynesia

Barack and Michelle Obama on Vacation in French Polynesia

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, is on vacation on Moorea, an island in French Polynesia, along with his wife Michelle. The former White House member was photographed aboard a yacht and swimming in crystal clear waters while his wife Michelle was training in rowing, a sport consisting of paddling on a surfboard in a Moorea bay, half an hour by ferry from Tahiti. Barack Obama He arrived on March 15 in a private jet to Tahiti, the most populated island in French Polynesia where he changed planes to go to Tetiaroa, an atoll that houses one of the most luxurious ecological hotels in the world, the Brando. In this atoll that has a research center on fauna and flora, the ex president made alone and with bodyguards several visits with scientific guides.

French Polynesia Demands Compensation to Paris for Nuclear Tests

France carried out 193 nuclear tests in the remote islands of the Pacific and there are still 3,200 tons of radioactive material buried there. Polynesian authorities now want compensation for "the impact on the environment and the health consequences of our population." Tahiti, the most populated island of Polynesia, was exposed to radiation levels 500 times higher than the recommended maximum.


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French Polynesia

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