Messi Came to Gabon to Participate in the Opening of a Stadium and was Acclaimed by a Crowd

After his participation in the Copa America, Lionel Messi spent his holidays in the Caribbean and before his return to Barcelona he made a trip to Gabon, the African country where he will place the first stone of the Port-Genil stadium.
Already the crowd looked forward to the Argentine crack, who approached his fans and took together selfies of all kinds.
The arrival of the ten was achieved after a request made by his friend Samuel Eto'o. The Cameroonian striker, former teammate Blaugrana who has a training center for footballers in Gabon.
Eto'o, thanked his former colleagues through his Instagram account. "I wish you a good trip to my other country, Gabon, where you will discover warm and welcoming people, thanks for fulfilling your promise, I can not be with you because my schedule will not allow you to enjoy your stay". wrote the Cameroonian.

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Two Students From Haiti and Gabon Complete Their Master's Degree Scholarship for UR's Cooperation Programs

Richecar Jean Baptiste from Haiti and Sally Estelle Mekame Tiogo from Gabon, students from the Master's and Doctoral School, completed their master's studies at the University of La Rioja thanks to university programs. On this occasion, on Tuesday they were received by the Rector, Julio Rubio, and the Vice-Rector of Social Responsibility, M. Pilar Agustín Llach.
Richecar J. Baptiste has a Masters in Business Administration with a scholarship from the University of La Rioja after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Sally Estelle Mekame Tiogo has completed the Master's Degree in Teaching (Spanish Language and Literature) awarded by the UR under the agreement with the Women for Africa Foundation. The Rector, Julio Rubio García, stressed that "the University of La Rioja is committed to internationalization in all its variants" and stressed that "in this act we celebrate that knowledge can serve to cooperate with countries that have less developed university systems than ours. " In the words of the Vice Chancellor of Social Responsibility, I want to keep these scholarships over time, to contribute and improve the lives of these students and that this has an impact on the living conditions of their countries of origin.

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The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia


The Long and Warm African Summer Blackouts in Social Networks

The blackouts in social networks are becoming a tool of population control, this summer, the blackouts in social networks have become a trend in the African continent.
The practice has reached levels of refinement and obstinacy in Gabon, in addition to starring more or less surrealist episodes, such as the one lived in Mali, where Facebook or Twitter could not be accessed after a protest on the street that ended with three deaths in the middle of August. #MaliOffline made its appearance on Twitter on the 17th at night.
He shared prominence with #RasBath, a hashtag in honor of the rapper and activist whose arrest sparked protests and deaths. And the tweets were illustrated with videos of demonstrations and photos of a supposed police repression. Ras Bath had summoned young Malians to appear before the court where they were judged precisely through social networks. A little more and more aggrieved the conflict that has hurt many and the use of social networks.

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