Gambia Unplugs the Internet and Phones by Elections

The Gambians voted to elect their new president, on a day when African officials have decided to cut telephone calls and access the Internet.
"A few hours after the start of the elections, the strongman from Banjul decided to isolate Gambia from the rest of the world. He has cut off access to the Internet and to the telephone, which makes it impossible, especially for the Gambian diaspora, to communicate with his relatives, Senegal Dakaractu. "
Gambia, a small African country located in the heart of Senegal, is governed with an iron hand by Yahya Jammeh, who has been in power since 1994. Senegalese radio stations have not been able to connect with their special envoy or correspondent in the capital of Gambia to inform live the opening of the polling stations. What allows a control to the speculations or false news, but also prevents to have news to the day on the elections.

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UK envoy 60% tourists to Gambia come from UK

The new envoy of the United Kingdom to the Gambia, Colin Crorkin, revealed that around 70,000 visitors from the United Kingdom come to the Gambia for tourism one year, which represents 60% of all tourists visiting The Gambia.
High Commissioner Crokin made this revelation after presenting the credentials to Gambia's vice president, Isatou Njie-Saidy, at the State House. He said that Britain and the Gambia have many shared goals and objectives.
"The British Embassy will work in harmony with our international partners, particularly the EU and the UN, to help the Gambia achieve these aspirations.The people-to-people ties between our two countries are already strong and continue to grow every year," he said.
Given that tourism accounts for around 20% of Gambia's GDP and employs more than 100,000 Gambians, British tourists are vital to The Gambia's economy.
"A high percentage are repeat visitors demonstrating the link between our two nations, and a significant number of British citizens have also chosen to make Gambia their home." He added that the Medical Research Council in the Gambia is a unique facility that conducts vital research that benefits people in many nations.

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Gambian Wife's Anguish Over Missing Husband

There were great expectations when the president of Gambia, Adama Barrow, took over leader Yahya Jammeh. And days after the elections, the prisons began to empty.
When news came out that the new government was releasing political prisoners, Ms. Kanyi went to the doors of the famous prison on Mile 2 expecting to see her husband Kanyiba released.
"The doors opened, many people embraced their loved ones who left, but I did not see my husband."
Kanyiba Kanyi was one of dozens of people who were picked up by security agents from the dreaded National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and taken to the Mile 2 prison where the prisoners were tortured.
"I was hoping to see him again," said his wife.
Her son often asked her about her father, she said, "and all I can tell you is that your father traveled."
The experience of Ms. Kanyi may represent the bittersweet experience of many Gambians under Mr. Barrow.
In January, the elected president, Adama Barrow, had been transferred to neighboring Senegal by West African leaders for their safety. Undoubtedly, there is a new aura of freedom, and also many imbalances after having changed the president during the 22-year period, it is a great step that can trigger great achievements and progress or evils.

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