Majd Oweida 23 was Sentenced to 9 Years in an Israeli Prison After Being Convicted of Hacking a Military Drone System Majd is Renowned in the Gaza Strip

No one doubts that Majd Oweida, 23, is brilliant, but what he did with his brilliance is a source of discord between his parents who advocate his release from an Israeli prison and the Israeli security service that accused him of hacking his drones for Islamic Jihad.
They located a hacker and tried to continue with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. None of them complained to Majd, a kind of local hero, a Palestinian robot designer and talent scout for the popular program "Palestinians Got Talent." In February Majd was sentenced to nine years in prison for spying on the Israeli army by a terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad.
Majd confessed, but his parents say the charges are foolish and the authorities had no concrete evidence when they sentenced him. They claim that Majd was tortured to make a false confession, and Palestinian human rights groups have accepted.


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Faces of Gaza Strip


Israeli Soldiers Pose for Selfies While Awaiting Their Deployment for a Ground Invasion of the Gaza Strip

In November 2012, during the Israeli air raid in the Gaza Strip that year, many Israeli soldiers went into service with smartphones in their pockets, reviewing and updating their social media accounts of army facilities while waiting for the start of operations. operations. the terrestrial invasion, taking selfies and without wasting the panorama. The field of social networks at the time of the war was crowded and diverse, including users from a variety of geographical locations and political points of view. Official Israeli and Hamas military spokesmen joined thousands of civilian users from Israel, the Palestinian territories and the international arena, including activists, who used popular applications as political tools in what the world media called Israel's "First World War" . social networks ".

After a Decade of Hamas in Power the Gaza Strip Has Become Uninhabitable for its Population

The conflicts that the terrorist group has maintained since 2007 with the Palestinian National Authority and with Israel have contributed to the deterioration of living conditions. The recent crisis between the Gulf countries and Qatar aggravated the situation by reducing the funds sent by that monarchy.
After a decade of the arrival of the Palestinian Hamas group to power in the Gaza Strip, the conditions for its two million inhabitants have become "uninhabitable," according to a United Nations study.
The agency's report highlights the drop in income and the deterioration in medical care, education and the supply of electricity and drinking water, warning that the situation is worsening "faster and faster".
"We are seeing a slow setback," Robert Piper, humanitarian and development development coordinator for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, told Reuters.
The consequences are getting worse, there are not many solutions and all this as a result of bad decisions.


Rebuilding Gaza Strip Could Take a Century of Israel Keeps Blockade

The reconstruction of houses, schools and hospitals in Gaza could take more than a century to complete unless a blockade restricting imports of construction materials in the Gaza Strip is lifted, aid agency Oxfam said on Thursday.
Gaza needs more than 800,000 trucks of construction materials to repair damaged infrastructure in the 2014 war with Israel, but less than a quarter reached construction.
The longer the blockade continues, the more lives will be at risk, said Oxfam Regional Director Catherine Essoyan.
"Families have lived in homes without roofs, walls or windows for the past six months, many have only six hours of electricity a day and do not have running water," Essoyan said in a statement.
Around 100,000 people, more than half of them children, live in shelters, temporary shelters or with relatives because their houses were destroyed.


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Gaza Strip

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