Georgia Citizens Now Can Travel to EU Visa Free

The United Kingdom may have initiated a divorce process to leave the European Union and have caused some conflicts, but Georgia has moved one step closer to membership.
Georgians can now travel without a visa to the Shengen area of the EU for up to 90 days, leaving the opportunity for all to enjoy the country and travel in search of breaks without a visa that prevents it.
Robin Forestier-Walker of Al Jazeera joined a group of Georgians on a celebratory flight to Athens and Brussels taking selfies.


The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Faces of Georgia


Is it Illegal to Take a Photo with Voting Ballot in Georgia

A great harvest that occurred for the elections was not to take out of his pocket his cell phone, not like the example of Justin Timberlake. The singer's voting booth had good intentions (encouraging NSYNC-loving millennials to vote), but it also sparked controversy when it was learned that Timberlake was under investigation by the prosecutor in Memphis for violating Tennessee law. The Shelby County District Attorney's office announced that it is no longer being investigated, Associated Press rounded up the laws in each state, and for Tennessee, it says "voters can not take photos or videos while they are at the polling places."
That same Associated Press report also lists ballot selfies in Georgia as specifically illegal: "The law prevents ballot photos or screens from electronic voting machines." So even if you're really excited to show that you really got out of bed and even the polls to exercise your democratic right, even if the inevitable filters on Snapchat's election day are really cute, just do not take a picture with your ballot. And if it does, do not post it on the Internet.

Facebook Turns off an Artificial Intelligence that Had Invented its Own Language

The machine communicated in an incorrect and repetitive English that, however, for her had a very specific meaning
Far from being a mere curiosity, underlines a problem with this technology: that in the future we do not understand the communication between machines
In the artificial intelligence research laboratory of Georgia Tech University, a project to create an artificial intelligence capable of learning and developing new negotiation tactics has taken an unexpected turn, to the surprise of the company that has funded it in part: Facebook. The managers had to close the process because the artificial intelligence had developed its own language, difficult to decipher, but much more appropriate and logical for the task that had to play. The language seems a corruption of English, the language in which artificial intelligence was originally programmed, but without meaning by the strange repetition of pronouns and determinants. However, when analyzing the sentences, they discovered that in the apparent disorder there was a coherent logical structure that allowed the intelligence to artificially negotiate between different agents, use fewer words or less risk of error.

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The Walking Dead Film Tour

Set in an alternative reality, a rural policeman from Georgia wakes up at the Atlanta hospital only to discover that the world he knows is over. Soon he faces his first "walkers", or the reanimated dead, and goes in search of his wife and son. His band of survivors faces not only the undead, but also the living groups of other humans who defeat them. "The Walking Dead" is the most watched television series in the history of basic cable, based on the graphic novels of the same name, and has been filmed exclusively in Georgia. He put locations in Atlanta, Senoia and beyond on the map for fans of the show.
Everyone wants to know more about the shooting and experience the possibility of being close to the film despite not being able to enter, and know that the shooting is so close to them makes waiting for the chapters even more exciting.

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