In Germany, Facebook can no Longer Force You to Use Real Names

The Data Protection Authority of Hamburg, in Germany, determined that Facebook can not change the user names that people choose, nor ask them for an official identification.
The decision of the German authorities is because Facebook had blocked an account created by a woman who used a pseudonym, which the social network modified by its real name.
This means that the German accounts in the social network will no longer be forced to use their real names, and the accounts with false names can be created without Facebook being able to avoid it. The social network reacted when stating that "the use of authentic names in Facebook protects the privacy and security of the people, assuring them with whom they are sharing their things. "
Facebook has had a very categorical position regarding the use of real names, which has clashed with a much more complex reality. For example, Facebook recently had problems with drag queens and the use of artistic pseudonyms, and also with people with stranger surnames that were quite annoying when the social network informed them that deep down they suspected that they would be surnames like that.

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Germany Wants to Fine Facebook and Twitter if They do Not Eliminate False News

The German federal government has proposed imposing fines of up to 50 million euros on companies behind social networks that do not eliminate content related to hate speech, illegal content and finally falsified content motivated politically, better known as "false news" .
The proposal comes from the Ministry of Justice. The new proposal multiplied by 100 the maximum fine for each of these infractions, in December, senior officials of the German SPD began the legislative steps to create a legal framework where the fines were only 500,000 euros.
Anas Modamani, a Syrian refugee living in Germany, takes a photo with Angela Merkel. His image has been misrepresented by Merkel's political opponents by making social networks believe that Modamani was the author of several attacks in Europe.

King of Selfies Lukas Podolski Celebrates Triumph

Selfie King Lukas Podolski celebrated Germany's emphatic 7-1 victory over the hosts of the World Cup, Brazil, by taking a team on the plane to its base.
It's no wonder that Podolski, who tweeted the image of himself with seven teammates on his official Twitter account, and people like Sami Khedira and Thomas Muller were beaming with pride after his impressive victory and how to share it with his fans that with a radiant selfie of all the members after the great victory.

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Germany: Facebook Eliminates Thousands of Fake Accounts

With just over four weeks left for the general elections in Germany, Facebook has eliminated 10,000 suspicious accounts of spreading false information or misleading content, reported today on the social network in Berlin.
Thanks to the analysis of the activity patterns Facebook has improved when it comes to identifying "false accounts", without having to examine the content in this case, explained the company. "Our system recognizes, for example, when identical content is repeated or a large amount of news is sent," he said.
These technological advances also allow Facebook "to reduce the spread of false content, including spam, false information or other types of misconceptions, which are often disseminated by people who handle fake accounts." According to the new regulation, Facebook works closely with the German Federal Office of Information Technology Security (BSI).

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