What Happened When Facebook Brought Women Influencers Together in Ghana

Last week, a delegation from the Africa Policy Team of Facebook was in Accra and met with public officials, developers and civil society groups active in the technological ecosystem. As part of the visit, the delegation organized a "Ask Me Anything Session" (AMA), a private informal round table with civil society to address questions about Facebook's community standards.
Prior to the meeting, the proud "women-led" African policy team offered an intimate lunch for GoWomen in business, technology, media, international development and the creative arts.
"We went around the room, sharing a bit about who we were and what we did, I thought it would be great to meet Facebook users, but in reality the highlight was to be in the same room with women who broke barriers, crushed glass ceilings and they transformed our community and we shared selfies among us. I will have to find a way to continue the meetings in Accra with the same spirit; Informal meetings of women making movements that come together for the sibling circles every quarter, "said one of the organizers.

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Faces of Ghana

Facebook Promotes Online Commerce Services in Ghana and Nigeria

The technology multinational Facebook held a round table with small and medium enterprises in Ghana and Nigeria to improve the way of supporting business initiatives in West Africa to make business management more profitable.
More than 50 million small businesses around the world actively use the pages of the digital platform because they are free, easy to use and work well on the mobile device, the continent's main device. In addition, some 2.5 million SMEs actively spend part of their earnings each month on Facebook, a figure that has doubled in the last two years, according to the Nigerian press.
The executives of the brand explained that most small businesses can start working for a few dollars a month with simple solutions of the page with a single click, such as messages, promotion of offers or agile links with the company.

African King Works as a Gardener in Canada to Send Money and Resources to his People

Susan Watson is an "average woman". He lives in Langley, his life takes place passively, except when he has a lot of work to do. And it has the support of the work of Eric Manu, an African who crosses the ocean is known as the king of his tribe in Ghana.
It all started with a phone call in July 2016. Manu's uncle had died, and he was the heir to the position of head of his community. I could not believe it, but I had to try. to lead his Ghana tribe. He returned to his country of origin, was "crowned" and returned to Langley to continue his work: to be a gardener. Manu works in Langley (British Columbia, Canada) as a gardener, an occupation that is demanded throughout the year in that locality, especially in winter. Susan hired him when the king returned to North America.
"I've seen a lot in Canada, it's my own experience, and I also want my people to have some kind of opportunity in life," says Eric. So he works raising funds and donations to help establish medical clinics for his tribe and improve education.
"We started 'The Moon and Back Foundation' to help the people of Ghana," says Susan. "We have collected more than two six-meter containers filled with donated items," he adds. Eric says that his trip to Canada was successful and although he has the hierarchy of a king, he is proud to work as a gardener to support his tribe. "I am proud of my community, of my family and of being African," he emphasized.

Social Media in Ghana Open New Spaces for Public Debate

During the presidential elections in Ghana, in the midst of competition for power, there was something else that remained firm. Social networks and online platforms were crucial for the electorate. Involving voters in digital spaces became as important as speaking at a public demonstration. Civil society is also taking advantage of the increase in social platforms and uses the popularity of the media to demand good public services, such as access to permanent electricity.
Odekro's civil society organization is using technology to increase transparency in the legislative process. Working on a national platform where the public can access bills, motions and parliamentary debates. In 2016, Odekro published an online report on the performance of parliamentarians in Ghana to help citizens know how their parliamentarians are doing on their behalf in Parliament. They used the #GhParliament [Ghana Parliament] label so that online users can participate in their work, realizing that the public is a great influence.

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