The Sect that Deceived Thousands to Pay the Debt

Artemis Sorras could have saved Greece with his fortune, he says, could have canceled the debt and even distributed dividends among the population. Around 20,000 euros per head, he says. And, by the way, pay the debts of the Greeks with the state, with the company of electricity, water etc. 600 billion dollars give by much. But the Greek justice, commanded by the evil forces of Freemasonry and the Jewish lobby, sentenced eight years in prison for fraud - he owed 100,000 euros to a friend of his - through a business that included luxury cars. and currency of the Arabian Peninsula.
To this day, hundreds of Greeks still swallow this story, that of the savior who, thanks to a fortune gathered by a series of financial booms, was going to take them and their country out of the probes, paying the national debt, 314,897 million euros or 179% of the GDP of Greece, which is experiencing the first general strike of the year against the austerity measures that it will vote in Parliament. Hundreds of Greeks remain faithful to Sorras, the only one who has promised them, with figures, that will take them out of economic and moral misery.

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Faces of Greece

The Former Greek Minister Survives a Bomb Attack

The former prime minister, who is out of danger, was transferred to the Evangelismós hospital after having escaped unharmed from an explosion inside his car.
The ex-Greek minister Lukas Papadimos survived an attack with a letter bomb that exploded when it opened when he was traveling through the center of Athens in his armored vehicle, in what is the first action against a head of government in Greece since 1920.
The security forces of the moment relate the modus operandi to that of the anarchist group "Conspiracy of the Nuclei of Fire", which in March sent a dozen bombs to the recipients in Greece and abroad.
Among them was the one who left a wounded in the offices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Paris. And one came into the hands of the former minister who fortunately came out alive and does not want to denounce the fact.
However, most of them were intercepted by the Greek authorities, although the quality of postal security controls in the country was questioned. When the envelope was opened, the explosive was activated, which according to police sources would not be gunpowder but a liquid species more difficult to detect, affecting not only the former minister but two of his bodyguards.
According to the medical team, the three recover favorably and their lives are not in danger, although as a precaution they will remain for a longer time under observation.

In the Middle of Austerity Measures, the Anarchists Take the Reins in Greece

Seven years of austerity measures and a recent refugee crisis left the country's government with fewer resources, offering fewer services to citizens.
Tasos Sagris, 45, member of the anarchist group Void Network and a theater group that raises funds for refugees (Embros), is one of the main promoters of social activism that seeks to fill the gaps left by the government.
Currently, this idea is not only about chaos and the overthrow of state institutions and society but also about citizen action and self-help. The movement continues fractured: some parties emphasize the need for social activism and others prioritize the fight against authority with vandalism or street confrontations with the police. Others want to combine those means.
Activists distribute food or medicine to alleviate the collapse of certain social services and high poverty. In recent months, the focus has also been on accommodating the refugees that overflow the Greek coasts and who have been trapped in Greece due to the border reinforcement of the Balkan countries and the European Union. Only in the capital of Athens, about 3000 inhabitants of asylum live in 15 buildings that were already abandoned.

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Brutal Beating in Greece that killed Austin Man may Have Started Over Selfie

Authorities say a fight in a bar ended in the death of a man from Austin in Greece on Friday morning who may have started with a request for self-help.
The neighbors, however, say that the story does not add up: "He was the life of the party, and everyone wanted to talk to him, everyone wanted a picture with him," said childhood neighbor and friend Blake McCray. The people who saw Bakari Henderson, 22, grow up, said he had a warm and welcoming personality. But his life was cut Friday on the popular Greek island of Zakynthos.
"I still can not figure it out," said McCray's mother, Astrid Von Ehren-McCray.
Witnesses say that Bakari was brutally beaten outside a bar after asking a waitress to take a photo. He died of head injuries.
Eight people have been arrested for his death, including a bouncer at the bar and another employee, who are accused of following Bakari out of the bar and fatally beating him, "He never had an argument, he was the peacemaker of the group," Von Ehren said. McCray, but eyewitness accounts of the events that led to Bakari's death shocked the neighbors, and asking how this could happen to a man who was gentle and kind. Bakari had recently graduated from the University of Arizona, where he studied business and entrepreneurship.
Friends and neighbors are now trying to raise money to bring Bakari home and take him to an appropriate memorial. The fund had already reached $ 41,000 on Monday night with a fundraising goal of $ 50,000.
"We want this guy to come back, we want him back, we do not want him to stay, we want him to come back," said Von Ehren-McCray. A young man who was happy with the life and the trip that he had undertaken, would never think that after sharing his joy in photos, something similar would happen.

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