CIBC First Caribbean Int’l Bank Walk for the Cure

One day Saturday, October 24, 2015, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank organized its fourth annual walk for the Cure, which filled me with ecstasy and wanting to be part of it, people walk for fun, however, for This cause, I would have done it twice in a day once the difficulty of the route was kept to a minimum as it was.
For the past four years, CIBC First Caribbean Int'l Bank has stormed the streets throughout the Eastern Caribbean to raise funds and encourage communities to selflessly contribute in more ways than one to this cause. The staff of CIBC and corporate partners in conjunction with the cancer society, joined in the waters and came out in their numbers to walk and support this great fundraising activity of the year.

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Faces of Grenada

The 14-Year-old Girl Met the Adult Arrested by Facebook

The minor of 14 years appeared on Wednesday morning in Granada capital, will be operated by vascular surgeons for the wounds suffered in the abdomen and neck, remaining in very serious condition.
As IDEAL learned from the circle of friends and relatives of the teenager, he met the only one arrested through the social network Facebook last February. The alleged assailant, 27 years old, pretended to be a 17-year-old boy. He convinced and talked to her until he convinced her and started a relationship with her. The mother of the victim, when she learned of this new "friendship" of her daughter, went directly to court to file a complaint of sexual abuse, making it clear that every crime has a price and no one should leave these crimes unpunished, especially Children and young people who are exposed to danger from social networks.

A Neighbor of Granada Finds Out on Facebook 8 Days After her Brother is Dead

The death of a relative is always extremely difficult, but the hell that Roman lived is difficult to describe, everything began on February 7 when Romana, a neighbor of La Zubia, Granada, received a call from one of her friends in the Czech Republic. She asked him about his brother Petr, since people were posting their condolences on his Facebook wall. Petr lived in Arona, Tenerife, for a while and she did not know anything about him.
In statements, Romana said "I started calling Petr, but he did not answer, At first, I thought it was a practical joke, but the hours passed and I began to worry, I contacted my cousin in Lleida to help me with the investigation. the police of Tenerife, where Petr lived, and told him that a day before they had found a man, but then they told him it was not Petr. We calmed down a bit. "
The next day, Romana went to the National Police of Granada and told her that "they were not told they had found his body." Even so, Facebook messages kept coming and I knew that they had found his brother's body in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. She went to the Civil Guard in her town and did not get an answer.
Finally, the Civil Guard of Arona confirmed that on October 31, eight days before hearing the news, they found Petr's body with all its documentation. The court of Arona did not give the sister more details until they closed the case but obtained the remains of her brother to take him to his country of origin. The embassy of the Czech Republic in Madrid does not understand what happened, since, according to the insured in the mentioned media, "the most usual thing is to contact them to find relatives".


Teens do not Read Newspapers and Only Know the News on TV or Social Networks

Adolescents between the ages of 14 and 15 do not read newspapers, do not know how or where to adequately report and know the news if it is not through television or social networks.
These are some of the most relevant conclusions of the workshops 'Llegir Premsa als IES', an initiative to take journalism to the secondary classrooms of La Unió de Periodistes Valencians, in collaboration with the Obra Social of "la Caixa", reports the professional organization through a declaration.
There are many conclusions that can be drawn when reading the reports of the 15 participating journalists, but there is one that is repeated every year: adolescents between 14 and 15 do not read newspapers, do not know how or where to report correctly, watch news only through television or social networks and, often, have no interest in the current list.
Show them that there are digital newspapers, that social networks are not strictly communication, that there is a lot of informative noise, that the news should be reviewed and given the tools to do so, it makes them perceive that what they are learning has a clear application and that's in your hand, so they can put it to good use.
The 'Arrive Premsa in IES' workshops make it clear that for adolescents to be critical, they must know the tools they have at their disposal.

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