The Presidential "selfie" that Ignites Social Networks

President Jimmy Morales posted a selfie at the United States Embassy, Todd Robinson, during the tour of the United States.
Along with the two officers, the presidential commissioner of Competitiveness and Investment, Acisclo Valladares; the Minister of Energy and Mines, Luis Chang; and the Secretary of the Presidency of Political Affairs, Andrés Castro.
The photograph was shared by the president in his social networks with the message: "In a successful work tour with excellent support for our country, working together for Guatemala."

The Team at Dr. Robert Edinger with son David and grandaughters Nataly, Shela, and Shirley in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Faces of Guatemala

New Facebook Scam Affecting Guatemalan Users

Hackers take advantage of social networks to steal information and thus defraud people who fall into their trap. The cyber security company ESET has reported that it has tracked a threat that affects at least 12 countries, including the one in Guatemala. ALMOST: Alert for spreading malicious viruses on Facebook and how to eliminate it In addition to our country, the virus affects Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Panama. This deception appears on Facebook as a publication of a biography or by a direct message on Facebook Messenger, with the title "My first video", "My video", "Private video", or a string of characters generated at random in the They have been tagged to several friends of the victim in a way that simulates a reliable link, but ends up being traps to get information to the user, recommend taking the necessary precautions apart from the given recommendations, thus avoiding information or more severe cases .

The Risks due to Misuse of Social Networks

The misuse of social networks can cause many people to become criminals or victims of Internet users who use these platforms to commit crimes. Even a joke can lead to serious consequences.
Users in different places have suffered the effects of networks, because in a matter of minutes, the publication becomes viral and can affect individuals and institutions.
A recent case occurred in Huehuetenango, a high school student was expelled from a school after he posted on Facebook a photo of a firearm and ammunition in a backpack with notebooks, with the message "all ready".

Lesly López, coordinator of the Psychology area of ​​the Comprehensive Care Clinic of the Regional Hospital of Huehuetenango, said that some people can not focus on work and education due to the unacceptable use of social networks. He added that the most dangerous thing is that, through misuse, life is exposed by deceiving or being a victim of trafficking. In addition, some netizens are being negatively influenced, and could reach school and high school children without realizing the danger.

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Pastor Says on Facebook that the Fashion toy 'Spinner' is Diabolical

Evangelical pastor Juan Mariano Ávalos states in a video posted on his Facebook profile that soot fans condemn "millions of people to eternal fire."
This is due to the way children hold the toy to turn, either with the "fingers with horns" or making the sign "Ok", which also, according to the pastor, symbolizes a 666, number of The Beast.

According to the Live Science site, the fashion toy is recommended for children with attention deficit disorder, anxiety and even autism. Although its use is not limited, some people use it to level the stress or for a simple hobby, but not everyone takes it equally and finds a darker side to things, even though many people use it for what was done, others just for fashion and some people choose to buy it just for entertainment.


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