Cubans are Coming to Guyana to Acquire Supplies to Provide the Sector on the Island

They seek to acquire supplies to provide the non-state sector on the island
About 3,000 Cubans arrive each month from the capital Georgetown in Guyana to buy supplies and merchandise to supply the island's private market, Stabroek News reports.
Gerry Gouveia, executive director of the Guyanese charter company Roraima Airways, calculated the number of Cubans and estimated that their purchases amount to 150 million dollars a year. Gouveia saw a business opportunity in Guyana as a provider of the private sector in Cuba.
Guyana, which has a slow economy, has seen an opportunity in the interest of Cubans to obtain products there. The Commission for the Private Sector of the South American country would have planned a trip to Havana to create a bilateral council for the development of businesses, with the participation of the private sector and the government.

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Faces of Guyana


Voracious Fire broke Out in Guyana's Most Important Prison

In Georgetown, Guyana, a fire broke out on Sunday afternoon in the largest prison in Guyana reported by an AFP reporter.
Police and firefighters confirmed that many of the inmates were armed and were prevented from entering the complex prison.
Soon after, one of the main doors was knocked down and some guards were escorted by guards to a vehicle.
Many prisoners were trapped in corridors protected by cables that run through the perimeter of the building, AFP reported.
Police and heavily armed soldiers converged on the site and took up positions around the prison.

News About Miss Guyana's Arrest at Airport was False

Soyini is recognized as a special ambassador by the Guyanese Tourism Authority and plans to share the warmth of his Guyanese people with his sisters in Miss Universe, "says part of the information shown in That's the Fraser Profile on the website of Miss Universe.
A British media publication Metro about the arrest of Miss Guyana 2016 in the framework of an anti-drug investigation, which The Nation reproduced by mistake, was false.
On its website, Metro automatically posts fake news in which it links people with airport arrests for alleged drug trafficking. Soyini Fraser, 26, was one of her victims.
Through a publication on Facebook, the Miss Guyana Organization published: "We are aware that that is questionable news site rumors have circulated that our Miss Universe 2016 Guyana Soyini Fraser, is involved in a drug scandal at Heathrow Airport in London be sure that the article, where is false and we are investigating to find the source and the author ".

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Venezuelans Cross Guyana to Seek Medical Care

Venezuela faces the worst political crisis in its history.

Guyana authorities reported a significant increase in the number of Venezuelans crossing the common border on Sunday to seek treatment for malaria and other diseases.

The head of the Guyana Medical Council, Shamdeo Persaud, said Venezuelans are being treated free of charge.

He added that there has been a confirmed increase in malaria cases in the border area and that authorities are investigating reports of a measles outbreak in Venezuela, which is also experiencing a political and economic crisis.

Cleveland DeSouza, a leader in the White Water Indigenous District, said up to 200 Venezuelans have crossed the border in one day.

The Guyana Ministry of Indigenous Affairs reported that Venezuelan soldiers recently crossed the border and stole food. They told the inhabitants that they had not been supplied in 45 days.

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