Donations from Shakira to Haiti Were not 15 Million Euros

After the earthquake that shook Haiti in 2011, Shakira visited Port-au-Prince and promised to work on strategies to help the country's education sector. For that reason, he invested almost half a million dollars in the reconstruction of some schools, such as the Elie Dubois school in the Haitian capital. A figure far from the 15 million that have been counted in these days.
The singer was 18 years old when she founded Pies Descalzos, her foundation. It was in 1997 and he achieved his first international success, which gave him an income that helped him launch his charity project. The help of this entity is directed to the child and the obsession of the Colombian is that everyone has access to education. However, he has also offered his support at specific critical moments.

Since Barefoot Feet Foundation have denied the information, although the singer's environment says there will be an official statement. It is your usual policy, not to deny false information. The UN requested $ 119.9 million to help almost 1.5 million people affected by the natural disaster in the Caribbean country.

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Faces of Haiti


Haiti is The New Destination of the Cuban 'Mules'

The black market "mules" have a new supplier to clandestinely import clothes and other products to the Greater Antilles. Haiti, its closest neighbor to the east, has become a country of great interest to Cubans.
A report published in independent media reports that tourist packages to Haiti, even advertised in the official media, are sold "like hot cakes".
A travel agency that spoke with the digital newspaper said that "June and July are already sold", and it is no longer possible to buy the package that's 895 CUC includes "seven hotel nights with breakfast, round trip ticket, airport transportation and the shopping day in the city. "
The airline Sunrise Airways, which covers the route to Port-au-Prince, makes six weekly flights distributed between Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. The Cuban capital leaves on Thursdays and another on Sundays.
Sunrise Airways allows you to transport 36 kg in total on each trip for each passenger, one of the characteristics that Haiti has popularized as a destination for Cubans. A resident of Santiago de Cuba told the independent newspaper that "the flight is cheap and, although it is a poor country, the stores are full of products."

Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon Smile Back to Haitian Children

David survived a fire and lost three fingers of his hand, but his cheerful spirit remains intact, "said Ashton Kutcher's wife.
In the midst of the tragedy that Haiti has suffered, many interested parties continue to help rebuild the country. International cooperation focuses not only on the reconstruction of Haiti, but also on avoiding its oblivion.
His eyes are witness to the horror that Haiti has experienced after the earthquake. However, these children can still smile and that is what stars like Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon or Ben Stiller did during their visit to the country. No one would believe that this guy, David, whom we see smiling and playful with Demi Moore at Damian's St. Hospital in Port-au-Prince, survived the flames after the earthquake at whichis've lost three fingers of his left hand and his Joyful spirit remained intact after the tragedy, "said Moore, who always has to smile for everyone who visits him in the hospital.Sara Sarandon played with him by sticking out his tongue and taking pictures of other children, like Shakyna, who Demi Moore He has in his arms, little by little the smile returns to the faces of the Haitian citizens whose recovery has given them the meaning of life.


Haiti Favorite to the Presidency Jude Celestin Exercised His Vote

In addition to Celestin, Moise Jean Charles, Jovenel Moise and Maryse Narcisse, they headed the polls for the presidency of Haiti.
The presidential candidate in Haiti for the period 2016-2021, Jude Celestin exercised his right to vote at the Liceo Petion Ville, located in Port-au-Prince among an euphoric crowd.
Celestin is emerging as one of the favorites to succeed Michel Martelly, who has held the presidency since 2011, when he first announced his retirement from the second round.
With 31 percentage points, the candidate of the Alternative League for Progress and Emancipation in Haiti (Lapeh - Haiti) leads the polls.
After defrauding the presidential favorite in Haiti, I told EFE that its "objective is to fight against poverty, build infrastructure, develop agriculture, achieve economic growth and, above all, unite all Haitians towards a common project" .

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