Selfies a New Political Campaign in Honduras?

It seems that Honduran politicians are taking advantage of the increase in social networks in the country, so much so that they get their best SELFIE for their political propaganda.
The fashion of the "selfies" has gone from celebrities to the world of politics, in the case of Juan Orlando Hernández, he was the first to carry out this practice and disseminate it in his networks.
Politicians, although sometimes they do not like it, are also people with feelings and like to be in movement.
But this new political career is not the only one, since the other presidential candidates of the other political parties follow in the footsteps.
Experts say that: "The politician, in general, in election time has a strong tendency to be increasingly known by the electorate, that's why the almost obsessive desire to be in the media prevails, and when they can not resort to any Artifact to figure, one of them is this instrument of recent years, the so-called selfie. "

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Users Will Pay for Reading News on Facebook

The current plan is to demand payments after reading 10 notes from a news source through this social network. The measure is still under study.
Facebook is working so that the news pages can charge users of the social network for the notes they share and read.
The head of relations at the newsroom, Campbell Brown, said the current plan is to demand payments after reading 10 notes from a news source via Facebook. At a news conference in New York on Tuesday, Brown said news companies have been asking for subscription capacity.
In a statement to The Associated Press, Brown said that Facebook is only in early discussions with publishers about how we could better support commercial subscription models.

Last week, news editors said they are requesting permission from Congress to have the right to negotiate with Google and Facebook about advertising and other issues.

Honduras is the Fifth Country in Central America Most Connected to Facebook

The most popular social network in the world has 2,600,000 users in the country, reveals a recent study. 81.7% of Central Americans use the Internet only to connect in social networks.
A study by the firm iLifeBelt on the use of social networks in Central America and the Dominican Republic reveals the growth of these tools in the societies of the region, which in 2016 still prefer Facebook and WhatsApp.
According to a research conducted based on a sample of almost 1,000 people aged 13 and over in the Central American region, 51% of social network users are women and 49% are men.
In the age ranges, most are between 21 and 30 years old, followed closely by those who are between 12 and 20 years old, known as millennials. If they are disconnected they are unemployed. When asked about their studies, the respondents indicated that they are university students.

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In Honduras the "International Girls' Day in ICTs 2017"

Women can develop and make good use of technology to train professionally and very productively with important benefits for our Honduran society.
The International Day of Girls in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is an initiative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which begins in 2010 and is celebrated in Honduras on the fourth Thursday of April of each year.
"Girls in ICT is a program for the empowerment of girls through careers oriented to information and communication technologies, as an interesting way to plan their future and create a career in the vocation of technology," said the First Dama Ana García de Hernández on behalf of the government of President Juan Orlando Hernández.
The initiative is carried out simultaneously at an international level in more than 180 countries, with the aim of promoting vocational technologies in girls and young women, as well as reducing the gender gap in the region.


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