President of Hong Kong Receives Thousands of Annoying Emoticons

The head of government Leung Chun-ying received more than 133,000 angry faces through the new Facebook option.

The Hong Kong chief of staff, Leung Chun-ying, on Saturday received 133,000 "angry" emoticons on his Facebook profile, which is 100 times more than thoses received by Republican White House candidate Donald Trump three days after the introduction of these symbols in the social network.
Leung Chun-ying, near Beijing, is the black beast of the pro-democracy movement. During the "umbrella movement" in 2014, I was caricatured as a vampire.

Facebook users, who already number 1,500 million people, can now "adore" with a pink heart or exclaim "Wow!" with a smiley face with an open mouth. If the publication is funny, the symbol "haha" appears, a face with puckered eyes.
In a more melancholic record, Internet users have the possibility to express their "sadness" with a face with an inverted smile or the "Grrr" symbol, with a red face.

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The People of Hong Kong Have a Real Reason to Get Nervous when Facebook Falls

On June 19, Facebook stopped working for half an hour around the world. Nothing important, right? That is incorrect, at least in Hong Kong. The incident touched sensitive fibers in the city, where some pages on pro-democracy reform have recently suffered massive denial of service (DDoS) attacks believed to be from mainland China.

Since June 14, the voting platforms of an unofficial referendum on electoral reform have suffered blackouts due to attacks with tens of thousands of computer networks around the world, according to CloudFlare CEO Mateo Príncipe, through the local newspaper Ming Pao. He has been involved in helping the Public Opinion Program of the University of Hong Kong to defend against the attack.

The people of Hong Kong believe that Beijing is behind this because the referendum claims the right of people to nominate candidates for the city's chief executive. Chinese have promised direct suffrage in the upcoming elections.
Despite the attack, 700,000 people have participated in the referendum so far.
A few days later, on June 18, a new succession of DDoS attacks paralyzed the pages of the Apple Daily newspaper for more than 10 hours.

More and More People Use WhatsApp as a News Source

The growing problem of false news in recent months has highlighted the role of social networks in our consumption of news, and everything seems to indicate that this role will not diminish.
The new data indicates that WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly popular news source, and according to the Digital News Report, in some parts of the world it has surpassed its parent company, Facebook, as an information provider.

The new report, based on surveys conducted by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, states that "the use of WhatsApp for news is beginning to compete with Facebook in several markets, including Malaysia (51 percent), Brazil (46 percent) and Spain (32 percent). "And while 47 percent of respondents in general still take a look at Facebook to see what's happening in the world, this figure has fallen by more than 50 percent. the countries surveyed compared to 2016.

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Hong Kong Beaches Close for Contamination of 1,000 Tons of Palm Oil

A ship collision has caused the liquid to spill into the sea. Environmental groups fear that the lack of information and the difficulty of cleanup will amplify the impact. Many associations and citizens ask for explanations from the Government.
At least 11 beaches in Hong Kong had to be closed to the public. Environmental officials have revealed that a thousand tons of oil had fallen into the water after a ship collision in the Pearl River estuary last Thursday, as one of them was transporting 9,000 tons of palm oil. Although officials said preliminary laboratory results indicate little or no trace of oil content in the affected area, environmental groups fear that the continued lack of detailed information about the spill and the difficulty of cleaning up will amplify the impact of the incident on the environment. According to the director of the Center for Eco-Resources and Education, Ken Ching See-ho, the government should investigate the incident and seek reparations for damages. "We do not know the cause of the collision, there has been negligence on the part of the operators (of the ship), we do not know, do we have the responsibility to help in the cleanup?" At this moment, we do not even know the name of the ship involved ", Ching said on a local radio show.

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