Hungary Wants to set up Firing Ranges in Public Schools

The Hungarian conservative government plans to establish firing ranges in the public schools of the Central European country, based on a letter received by a school director in which the supervisor of the system education institution (Klik) asks about the material Conditions to install in a shooting range 6 meters wide by 15 meters long.
The undersecretary of State for Education, Zoltán Maruzsa, had already stated in March that the Ministry of Human Resources was studying the possibility of setting up shooting camps in schools, although he stressed that "it would be better not to create them in the same institutions, but with them" Whether in or near schools, the possibility of establishing a firing range to train minors in the handling of weapons is a scandal for many Hungarians. Nor does it specify explicitly what types of weapons would be used, although the Hungarian press indicated that they would be compressed air guns, which are used in shooting sports.

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Faces of Hungary

The Real Enemies of Journalism are not Just False News

In Hungary and Poland, two countries of the European Union are experimenting with alternatives to liberal democracy, free journalism is threatened. In an article in Dissent magazine, a Polish journalist and a Hungarian journalist explain the various threats to journalism in both countries. The strategy is as follows. The government pressures and blackmails the medium that publishes uncomfortable information, which forces it to close, alleging economic problems. The government then acquires the means through companies and related businessmen, and converts it into an organ advertisement. In the Reporters Without Borders World Index of Press Freedom, Hungary ranks 67 out of 180 countries. In Poland, the strategy is similar. A law changed the name of public radio and television to be called "national", not "public". The government intends to "nationalize" the critical media that have foreign financing, with the excuse that the media should be preferred to Polish shareholders (friends of the government, of course). All this is done while they are still in the EU. As the title of the article in Dissent says, "you do not need a dictator to stifle the free press."

Hungary's Main Newspaper Issues Closure

The company Mediaworks suddenly suspended the publication of 'Népszabadság', Hungary's leading center-left newspaper. Losses for FF 5,000 million (16.4 million euros) in the last decade and a fall of 74% in circulation (more than 100,000 copies).
And although they claim economic reasons, journalists, civil rights groups and the political opposition pointed to the government as the main culprit in the closure. In a Facebook post, the workers described this decision as a "coup d'état" and by the end of the week they were denied entry to the newsroom.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been repeatedly accused of interfering in the media and journalists suspect that the publication in recent days of critical information with the conservative government, including the accusation of corruption in his closest circle or fierce opposition to the consultation on refugees, have been key to precipitate this closure.

The public media are easy to control and have become an instrument of political propaganda, so the country suffers the "Polish-Polish war" between the media controlled by the government and those who oppose it. As for Hungary, the country is among the countries with the lowest freedom of the EU press in the Freedom House ranking.

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This Baby is Shaking the Internet Through his Hair

This little one, from Hungary, was born with completely white hair and his photographs have become a sensation on the Internet. The nurses called him "Prince Charming" and it's a really weird case because it's not about any disease. In fact, they confirmed that this is not a case of albinism, since that small melanin is also absent from the skin and the iris.

According to experts, it is likely that your hair will change to a dark tone in a couple of years or maybe never. The baby is called Bence and his mother is a young woman who works and is about to enter university. The tender baby was born with a weight of 5.4 kg, measured 54 centimeters and was born at 9 months. Fortunately, the unusual thing about him is only his hair, since the little one is in perfect health. Although researchers in Budapest want to carefully analyze a blood sample to determine why it has this lack of pigment in the hair.

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