Iceland Requires by Law Equal Pay Between Men and Women

Iceland has countered inequality between men and women. The wage gap is one of the channels that usually channel this imbalance. The Government has established by law the obligation of equal pay for equal work between men and women. The legal framework, decided on Tuesday, requires companies to demonstrate that equality is met. The issue is not only limited to sex, but also to ethnicity or nationality. Companies with more than 25 workers must obtain certification of compliance with the law. The measure has sparked less controversy than expected, although its scope will be limited in smaller companies.

While in Catalonia it is estimated that the wage gap is 26% from a general point of view (does not refer to the same jobs, different salary), in Iceland pretend that by 2022 there is no difference between the wage level of men and women.

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Does Iceland Pay Foreigners to Marry Their Beautiful Women? The Answer is No

Supposedly the Icelandic government would have pushed for an initiative to offer $ 1,800 a month to any foreigner who legally married an Icelandic citizen to increase the youth population, according to rumors.

In figures they indicated that of the 320 thousand inhabitants of the island, the majority surpassed the 40 years reason why in the future, young people would lack without a doubt.

This 'birth project' reached the ears of people all over the globe, so within a week of this rumor, Icelandic women received numerous requests for friendship on Facebook and messages of harassment to 'support' them by marrying them.
However, all this information was false, as the Icelandic government clarified that for no reason would give money to foreigners, men or women, to join in marriage with citizens of their country.
So the sad reality is that Iceland, and more than anything its women, do not need anyone to solve their problems.

Icelandic Police, Example of Service, Humanity and Good Humor in Social Networks

Under the name "Logreglan" (word for "police" in Icelandic), his Instagram account exceeded 96,000 followers worldwide. His photos have become viral thanks to his spontaneity and good humor. And not everyone is proud that the police not only maintain order and help the citizens, but also have a great sense of humor and camaraderie?
Iceland, the birthplace of the singer Björk and the Bardarbunga volcano, is a quiet place to live. According to the World Homicide Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), no year increased by more than 1.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Despite the fact that there are 90 thousand weapons in the country of just over 300 thousand inhabitants (according to the website).

Despite this apparent "calm", the police officers have always stirred days. Whether they are saving a cat, celebrating the "National Donut Day", doing their usual "rondin" in the patrol, or simply having a coffee in the morning, these friendly agents have realized that not everything is bad news in the field of the police.

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President of Iceland Wants to ban Pineapple Pizza in his Country

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the Icelandic president, made a big fuss last week when he said he would ban pineapple or Hawaiian pizza after a student asked him at a school conference what he thought of the food. I shared his thoughts during a visit to an institute in Akureyi and noticed that he was totally using the pineapple as an ingredient in that dish. He added that he would like to create a prohibited law, as reported by the Vísir portal in Iceland. Jóhannesson wrote in a message on Facebook about his statements last week, in which he clarified that he does not have the power to create a law that eliminates that ingredient from pizzerias or restaurants and assured that he will feel relieved by it.

"I like pizza, but not with pineapple, I can not enact a law that prohibits people from putting pineapples on pizza, I would not like those powers, presidents do not have absolute powers, I would not like to write laws that prohibit what I do not like it, I recommend seafood pizza, "wrote the head of state.

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