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The astounding diversity, of India is unique and unparalleled. in its religions, languages, and cultures. This vast subcontinent is most varied and complex in its rich heritage, among the oldest in the world. 

Prohibit Social Networks in India

The government of Kashmir in India banned the dissemination of content through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, among others, with immediate effect and during the period of one month in the Kashmir valley, where fighting intensified violent.
According to the authorities of Kashmir, social networks are currently used by anti-national and anti-social elements for the transmission of incendiary messages and that alert the population due to its controversial content and false news.


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Facebook Will not Use Aquila Dron in India

Facebook is committed to bringing Internet access to various parts of the world, so it undertook the creation of 'Aquila', the drone designed to connect internally the most remote regions. However, the device will not reach India, said Umang Bedi, general manager of Facebook India and Asia.

"Aquila is one of our connectivity efforts, I think it's an experiment for the United States, it has nothing to do with India, there was some speculation, but that was just that," said Bedi.

"The Economic Times" reported earlier this month that Facebook has established talks with the Indian government and telecommunications companies in that country to push the programs and bring "Aquila."
Many people expected Facebook to take Aquila to India, especially by banning "Free Basics." However, the initiative was banned by the Indian government for violating the privacy of the network.

All Mobiles in India Should Have a 'Panic Button'

All mobile phones sold in India should have a button that, when pressed, warns the police and family members that a woman is at risk. "Panic will be obligatory as of January 1, 2017 for any woman in danger of oppressing it.The above reasons will be adapted," said Maneka Gandhi, director of the Ministry for the Development of Women and Children. As of 2018, a GPS device will also be required on all devices. The button will alert the police, family and friends that users have chosen.
However, the government of India considers that a physical button is better than an application because "a woman in danger does not have more than a second or two to send a warning message since in these situations the criminals often intercept the phones" , says a statement from the Information Department to the press. Although the announcement of the panic button was generally well received in India, there are also doubts about the impact it will have in reality to reduce gender violence.

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Selfie mishap : Austrian tourist rescued from well in India

The Women of India do not Share Their Photos, but Facebook Will Change it

If you take a look at the list of friends of an Indian person and you will see many people using Bollywood sunsets, flowers and stars as a profile picture. The reason, Facebook says, is because many users in that country, especially women, are concerned about online security.

Now, the social networking giant is pushing a new system (in the trial stage) to help protect the images that are loaded on the platform, something that could soon be implemented in other countries.

The new Facebook image protector makes it more difficult to download those photos, blocks the possibility that strangers can tag it in their profile photo and even prevent other users from taking screenshots of their images. A blue border around the images and a shield sign will indicate that the security measures are activated in that user, calming a bit the security concern is expected the advances of this novel project.

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