A father 'Superhero' Saves his Children in Indonesia From Being hit With a Spectacular Somersault

An Indonesian father has become the viral phenomenon of the moment after it spreads on social networks, the moment when, with the girl and a spectacular somersault, manages to save their children from being hit by a car without control .

The video was recorded on video by the security camera at the Jambi Sur workshop in Indonesia. In the recording you can see, at the beginning, how the father arranges a motorcycle when they play with his two children at his side.

Suddenly, the father remains alert, throws himself at his children, picks them up and, with a backward flush, manages to pull them out by millimeters from the path of a car that, after losing control, became embedded in his workshop. The savior father has been acclaimed on social networks as a true superhero.

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Indonesia Tries With Facebook and Telegram the Elimination of Terrorist Contents

The Government of Indonesia met in Jakarta with representatives of the social network Facebook and a Tuesday with the application of Telegram messages to try to eliminate terrorist content on both platforms.

The Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia explained that social networking companies like Facebook have to adapt to the country's regulations and be more effective in responding to complaints of radical content and at an optimal time according to a statement.
Authorities in Jakarta blocked the online version of Telegram in mid-July due to the proliferation of terrorist content and also threatened to extend the measure to the application of the smartphone.
Representatives from Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and New Zealand agreed last Saturday in the Indonesian city of Manado to increase cooperation and exchange of information to combat the threat of Islamist terrorists.
 This enhanced collaboration includes Facebook and other social networking companies.

Indonesia: 15 Year Old Teenager Married 73 Year Old Woman

In Indonesia, the controversy is causing a marriage between a 15-year-old man and a 73-year-old woman, although the legal age for marriage in the Asian country is 19 for men and 16 for women.

When the young Selamet Riyadi became ill with malaria, Rohaya Kiagus Muhammad Jakfar took care of him until he recovered, after which the young man fell in love with the old woman and asked him to marry twice.
The people of the village where they live, Karang Endah, rejected the relationship, but Riyadi managed to convince everyone after threatening to commit suicide.

According to the head of the village, Cik Ani, "given that he is a minor, we decided that the wedding was private and supported by a religious."

"We love each other, he told me he was madly in love," the 73-year-old woman told reporters after the ceremony, adding that she had two marriages before and divorced.

The Woman "Belongs" to the Husband: Indonesian Ulemas Against Photos of Women in Social Networks

Women who are married should not post photos of themselves on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Path, etc.) and for those who violate this provision, a fine is predicted that equals 20 million rupees (just over 1500 Dollars).

Zainal Abidin, president of the local section of the MUI, stresses that personal photographs, "Being" and portraits "of provocation", published on social networks by women, are the source of danger for marriage and endangering the morals of women and families. "And the negative effects," adds the Muslim leader, "are destined to increase."

The president of MUI de Palu explains that in Islam, the physical beauty and sexual attractiveness of a married woman "belong only to her husband", and it is not positive that "a woman advertises" her appearance or attractiveness in social networks. For this reason, it makes a strict warning to women, so that they behave respectfully and dress in a responsible manner. "Women were born for their man," concludes Abidin, "and not to entertain the public."

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