The Photos that Cost him Prison and Exile to Six Models in Iran

Six models were arrested in Iran for posting photos labeled "indecent" on Instagram. They accused them of violating the strict conservative morality prevailing in the country.

Melikaa Zamani, Niloofar Behboudi, Donya Moghadam, Dana Nik, Shabnam Molavi and Elnaz Golrokh with her husband, Hamid Fadaei, who is also a model, were detained by the theocratic regime. Most of them are very active in social networks, especially in Instagram, where they often upload many images.

"Unfortunately, for now, I will not be active in Iran, but I will continue my work outside the country. Thank you all for your support and positive energy," Golrokh wrote in the social network.

Iran Now Forbids Zumba Classes for "Anti Islamic"

"Following activities such as Zumba, it is recalled that performing rhythmic movements or dancing in any way is not legal in any way and therefore its prohibition is required," he shared earlier this month in a letter addressed to the Minister of Youth Ali Majdara, the director of the sports organization in charge of carrying out the new guide.
The initiative seeks to encourage the practice of athletic activities for all "within the supreme framework of Islamic ideology", where apparently the Zumba routine would not fit in that context. Classes of popular discipline have been canceled at the national level, something that recalls the measures taken in the past, especially with regard to activities related to women.

In Iran, women are subjected in a much more restrictive way to the censorship of the regime than their male counterparts, leave them without many allergies and with strict rules that they must comply with respect to their attire and interaction with men.

Facebook: Iran Men Sympathize With Women Using Hiyab

Some religions require women to cover their hair (hijab). These requirements are sometimes part of the country's legislation. All are concentrated in Africa and Asia. They are Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Iran and Malaysia.

Sign of protest In this situation, thousands of women in Iran have dared to free their faces in protest against the patriarchal state in which they live under the slogan "My stealthy freedom". To make matters worse emphasize the support they have, in a show of solidarity, men during the last week have appeared in photos with the veil of his wife or female relative to deal with this limited state of freedom in women.

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The Supreme Leader of Iran Also Likes Facebook

The supreme leader of Iran has received thousands of "likes" almost two weeks after opening his Facebook account.
The journalist of the Persian Service of the BBC, Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, has been following what Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published in the social network and how the Iranians have reacted. It's been a while since Khamenei is active on the internet.
It has an official multimedia website in 14 languages, a Twitter profile with more than 7,000 followers and even an account on the site to share Instagram photos.
His first appearance on Facebook was on December 13, the day he posted a link to a story on his website about a recent meeting with university professors from around the Muslim world.
Although he has made only a handful of publications, it seems that the ayatollah has aroused much interest. Your "Like" number amounts to more than 16,000 and continues to increase. Many observers inside and outside the country will study with interest the efforts of Khamenei and his Facebook team to find a balance between "likes" and criticism in that context.

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