The Sand River in Iraq is Not Really Sand

At the end of last year (2015), the region known for its dry climate was plagued by a second attack of ice storms, heavy rains and winds. The Iraqis reported seeing hail stones the size of golf balls that fall in the Middle East.

The Iraqi government had to declare a state of emergency due to the extreme and precipitating weather. And it was precisely this climate that created the so-called "sand river" that went viral in the networks.

The incredible spectacle, although it looks like moving sand, actually consists of several blocks of ice that move quickly through the desert. The rare changes in climate resulted in a "channel," which contains frozen water that flows through the great Iraqi desert.

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Found a Lost City 2,000 Years Ago Founded by Alexander the Great

After being lost for more than 2,000 years, a group of researchers from the British Museum found the remains of the ancient city of Qalatga Darband next to Lake Dukan, in the region of Kurdistan (Iraq). City founded by Alexander the Great, it was an ancient active fortified wine settlement to quench the thirst of Alexander the Great's army during the war against the Persian king Darius III.

The archeologist John MacGinnis of the British Museum explains to The Times, the group of archaeologists have found in Iraq, in what was then a Mesopotamia remains of a square building that may have been a fort and caliph stone blocks could have been used as bases for wine or oil presses.
During the excavation, the group of archaeologists has discovered a large number of tiles and statues in the settlement. In fact, it is believed that the figures found represent the Greek gods Persephone and Adonis. At the same time, the team has also found coins in which King Orodes II, who ruled between 57 and 37 BC, is shown. Therefore, the settlement was maintained for several centuries.
Nothing was known of this location until a spy satellite discovered it in the middle of the cold war. One of the satellites, while taking pictures in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, detected several marks on visible crops, indicating a possible settlement.

The 'Yes' Wins the Kurdish Referendum in Iraq with 92%

The Iraqi prime minister asks Erbil to cancel the result of the consultation, which had a participation of 72.16%, and warns that otherwise, there will be no negotiation.

92.73% of the Iraqi voters on Monday said yes to the independence of that autonomous region. The expected success is resolved with an increase in pressure from Baghdad on the regional government that has asked to cancel the result of the consultation and surrender control of its two international airports.

"In the 3,305,925 votes cast, it obtained 92.73% and not 7.27%," the Commission statement said. According to the same source, the total number of potential voters in Kurdistan, the administered areas and the diaspora was 4,581,255 people, one million less than the number that had circulated before the referendum. In the absence of a nearby census, there was the difficulty of calculating how many residents of the "disputed areas" and the Kurds abroad could vote.

None of this matters to the central government of Iraq or neighboring countries, which vehemently opposes the consultation and fears that the eventual independence of the autonomous region will have a contagious effect among its own minorities, the Kurds. Kurdish President Masoud Barzani has stressed that the triumph of the yes would not mean immediate secession, but the principle of "serious negotiations" with Baghdad to resolve the points of friction and to agree on the separation.

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