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Faces of Isle of Man


Isle of Man Fights Against Prostate Cancer

The foundation of Prostate Cancer United Kingdom for the study and prevention of the united forces of prostate cancer, created an event called "Chaves Nigh en", which will serve to raise funds for the investigation of new treatments for this disease that suffer millions of men all over the world.

This charity tournament will be held in London, the ticket for this meeting will be £ 100.
Owen Sharp, executive director of Prostate Cancer UK said: "Prostate cancer kills a man every hour, we do everything we can to change this, but it's a numbers game and we urgently need more help if we reduce the number of lives truncated by This is why we call as many people as possible to participate and raise funds during a game of poker, and help fight this murderer in silence once and for all. "

"We are proud to partner with PokerStars, our campaign is about reaching men on their own ground, to inspire action for men's health, and with a predominantly male player base it is a natural fit. From PokerStars, we can reach a large group of men to raise awareness about prostate cancer and motivate a whole new community. "

Why the Isle of Man Race is the "Most Dangerous Motorcycle Competition in the World"

There are already three dead in this year's version, 24 since 2000 and 242 deaths in its 110-year history.
Welcome to what is considered, even by its own organizers, the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world: the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man in the north of the United Kingdom.
This is the Flatline, the very demanding and dangerous training that is done with a paramedic next
Nicky Hayden, former MotoGP champion who was hospitalized for 5 days after a bicycle accident
The race, which has a 59-kilometer mountain circuit around the island, has based its reputation on the dangerousness of its route, where high-powered motorcycles cross the streets, the same ones that are transported daily by ordinary cars at normal speed . 200 kilometers per hour.
"Unless you're a fighter pilot, watching the camera videos on board the bicycles that cross the Isle of Man circuit is hard to believe at least," said motorcycle analyst Tom Rostance.
"But what we see in those images is the appeal of the Isle of Man TT," he added.

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Isle of Man

A UFO Was Photographed on the Isle of Man

This new photo comes from the Isle of Man in England and was taken by a tourist during this summer, the witness said that the weather was cloudy. He was taking pictures of the landscape that day when he saw an object moving very fast, claiming that it was moving five times faster than an airplane. At one point, the UFO stabilizes and I can take the picture we see below.

In the image, you can see a cylindrical object in front of the clouds. It is difficult to determine its size, it seems to be far away which could suggest that the object in question is large. It was metallic gray, which no doubt reflected light.

The photo was sent to the MUFON organization for the study of this case. It seems that the photo was not retouched, but it is still difficult to determine what it is about. Some think it could be an extraterrestrial device, others believe it could be an experimental device that was not mentioned by the government.

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