Beauty Queens at War : Now Miss Lebanon Claims Miss Israel "Chased her for Days"

Beauty queens in war: Now Miss Lebanon claims that Miss Israel chased her for days before ambushing her in the Miss Universe selfie that provoked outrage in her country
The two countries are still officially at war despite the fact that there has been no significant conflict between them since 2006
His agent claims that Miss Israel had been constantly "chasing" her rival and that was part of a larger plot dating back to November.
Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, states that the whole episode is "sad", telling Miss Lebanon: "Too bad you can not put hostility out of the game"
Miss Lebanon has claimed that her rival, Miss Israel, had been chasing her for days before ambushing her.
The photograph sent shock waves through the home country of the Lebanese beauty Saly Greige. The selfie, taken in Miami in the Miss Universe contest, led to Saly being accused of being unpatriotic, but now she is hitting back.
His agent states that Saly had to "flee" several times for being persecuted by the Israeli Doron Matalon, who was "desperate" to capture the image.
Richard Pharaon claims that it was part of a broad plot to embarrass the Lebanese beauty that goes back to November in London, when a different Miss World representative for Israel also tried to catch a selfie with Miss Lebanon.

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Israel and Facebook Agree to Delete Anti-Israel Publications

The Israeli regime has reached an agreement with the social network Facebook to block and delete all content considered anti-Israel, the Facebook directors and the Israeli authorities are drafting legislation that obliges the social network to eliminate all types of anti-Israel content. Israeli.
The British newspaper said that the most recent meeting between Israeli officials and Facebook directors was attended by the Israeli justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, known for his controversial anti-Palestinian positions and appeals to commit genocide against the Palestinians.
Palestinian sources report that before this legislation comes into force there have been multiple cases in which Facebook eliminated the critical content of the Tel Aviv regime as anti-Israel.

Israel Arrests 6 Palestinians for Inciting Violence on Facebook

The arrest of the six Palestinians took place in Jerusalem. At the moment, the suspects are being questioned. Israeli police arrested six Palestinians suspected of "inciting violence and terrorism."
The arrests were made one morning in Jerusalem and the suspects are being interrogated and investigated, police spokeswoman Miki Rosenfeld told Efe.

In addition to inciting violence, it is also suspected that "they support terrorist organizations," said a statement, accusing them of spreading Facebook and Instagram "messages and materials that incite violence and terrorism."
According to the letter, the comments made by the suspects gave rise to the reaction of thousands of their followers who "strengthened their statements and expressed their support."
Police confiscated computers and multimedia equipment from the suspects and said they "continue to focus on social networks, which are a platform for incitement, to prevent terrorist attacks," in addition, in a police operation in the West Bank city of Hebron, the Israeli police arrested a father and his son who had hidden a gun, ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a computer and "other materials for incitement."

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In Facebook, Controversial Dress of the Israeli Minister is white of Memes in the Social Networks

The Internet does not forgive anyone. The Israeli Minister of Culture, Miri Regev, has been the center of attention in recent days after her presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. Many have wondered on the networks, who is the person who advised him to wear this controversial dress.
Regev, who unwittingly became an object of ridicule on social networks, attended the gala in a curious dress that had a panoramic view of the city of Jerusalem, including neighborhoods disputed between Palestinians and Israelis.
According to reports, the designer Aviad Arik Herman asked for the dress. As the Internet does not usually allow these events to happen, thanks to the imagination and ingenuity of Internet users, the networks have witnessed the frames and the birth of a new "meme".

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