Why The Italian People Who Pay For Living In It Has Been Without People

Thousands of people have been interested in moving to Bormida, which is about to become a ghost town. The offer of 2 thousand euros, in the Italian city of Bormida has been around the world.
Thousands of people have been interested in moving to this place in northwestern Italy, whose offer meets a specific goal: to prevent it from becoming a ghost town.

But, how is it that Bormida was left without people? The reason basically responds to work.
The same mayor of the city, Daniele Galliano, said that "there is not much to do" in the place. In addition, it does not have many labor sources since it only has one church and four restaurants.
The scarce supply has caused the population to migrate in search of opportunities, mainly to the city of Savona. In this way, there are currently only 394 people living in the area.

According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics of Italy, the demographic evolution of Bormida has been constantly decreasing. At the beginning of 1900 it had little more than a thousand inhabitants. In 1951 the population had fallen to 803 people, and in 2001 it had only 453 people.
But the situation in Bormida is not isolated. There are around 2,500 Italian towns that are at risk of being abandoned due to depopulation.
Even in January of this year, the country's Ministry of Culture named 2017 "the year of the people" as part of a campaign to promote tourism in places at risk to be "alone".

In this context, some applicants living in Bormida suggested installing a good Internet connection in the place so they can work from a distance, in case - +
There is a shortage of work.
In this way, Bormida represents the possibility of living simply, naturally and without stress, but with few job opportunities.

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The British Model who was Drugged and Kidnapped in Italy to be Sold on the Dark Internet at an Auction

A British model experienced a traumatic experience in Italy, after she was allegedly abducted to be sold on the Internet, authorities said.
The odyssey for the 20-year-old girl, identified by the British press as Chloe Ayling, began on July 11 in Milan, where the model traveled to take a photo shoot.
When she went to a studio in the city center, she states that she was attacked by a man and grabbed her by the neck and mouth, while another with a balaclava injected a substance into her arm, according to the testimony of the woman picked up by the police. Italian police
"When I woke up ... I realized that I was in the trunk of a car, they tied my wrists and my ankles and they gagged my mouth," the model informed, according to statements made by the police to the police. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
Authorities said the model was drugged with ketamine, which is a sedative, and was then taken to Borgial, northwest of Turin, two hours by car from Milan.
"I was in a bag and I could only breathe through a small hole," the model explained.
According to British media, the woman's lawyer has admitted that the Italian police had "understandable doubts" about the story at first, but insisted on its truth despite the bad time that was happening.

Italian Police Search for two Prisoners who Fled When They ate with the Pope

The prisoners took advantage of Francisco's visit to Bologna to escape.
Italian police are looking for two prisoners who participated in a meal held by Pope Francis with the poor and needy during his visit to Bologna, in the north of the country, on October 1 and took the opportunity to flee, according to local media. during the lunch organized in the basilica of San Petronio, in which the poor and the prisoners participated, when these two men, Neapolitans, left and escaped from the place, according to the information. The two subjects had already served their sentences, but they continued to be detained and carried out a program of social reintegration, since the Italian authorities considered them "socially dangerous". The police are trying to find their whereabouts and, once they find them, they must restart the reintegration program, the media said. Pope Francis visited the cities of Cesena and Bologna on October 1 and called on governments to adopt housing programs and open humanitarian corridors for refugees.

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