Victoria's Secret Apologizes After Racist Incident in Alabama

A Facebook Live overflowing with indignation was the weapon of an African-American woman against racism suffered in a Victoria's Secret store, Kimberly Houzah, a 27-year-old nurse from Calhoun County, Alabama, called the company headquarters and denounced the degrading that he had received, in addition to "never again putting his feet in the store".

Houzah entered a store at Victoria's Secret located in the Quintard Mall, in Oxford, Alabama in 2017, with the intention of buying some sports pants and a T-shirt and was ordered to leave the store because other black people had robbed the store in the past.

 In Houzah's video, the manager is heard telling the other black woman: "I just need you to get out," while the security guards at the mall approached. "You're just kidding me," Houzah said, drying his hair. Tears, looking for words In the face of the commotion, Victoria's Secret has been forced to publicly express an apology through a statement on its Facebook page.

"What happened in our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we represent." The store employee involved in this issue no longer works in the company, Victoria's Secret requires that all customers, regardless of race, be treated with dignity and respect at all times, "the company said.


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