Barack Obama Uses a Selfie Stick to Record a Video Defending the Need to Protect Alaska

"You can't catch me!" Fugitive taunts police on Facebook in Alaska

An unusual event occurred in the United States, after the police of the north of the town of Wales in Alaska published on their Facebook account an image of citizen Martin Tate, who is a fugitive. The 31 year old man is wanted for having escaped after perpetrating an assault, which generated an immediate search.

What is striking about the story is that in the publication made by the user "North Wales Police" on Facebook, where an image of Martin appears next to the message "Wanted", was the assailant himself who wrote to make fun of the police, according to the slogan The Sun:
"You can not catch me hahahaha now I see who laughs last", was the message of Martin Tate through his Facebook to the officers who were looking for him. However, the response from the police was not very different. "Hi Martin, you can run but you cannot hide, see you soon." The interchange of messages was highly celebrated by the users, who quickly shared the unusual moment. As of this posting in 2017, Martin Tate continues uploading images of his freedom through Facebook.

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In the Middle of Nowhere, the Family that Lives Isolated in Alaska

In Nowitna, in Alaska, the Atchely family  has spent 18 years isolated from everyone with the nearest city 160 kilometers away. They make a single massive annual purchase of food and products needed for the home and had a large reserve of canned and living foods to supplement their planting and hunting. Sky, 13 years old, receives basic education from his parents, commenting from the school that "it would be a place he would not like" . David enjoys living alone with his family: "People want to know what they produce for 18 years in isolation, they change you, you have the time to have more than two thoughts on any topic, we spend the months talking about a single topic because we have the time to do it". The family lives a quiet life, spending just US $12,000 a year.

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Mark Zuckerberg Defends Social Programs Citing the Case of Alaska

Alaska is a wealthy state -  mostly as a result of oil revenues and it spends much of the profits on admirable social programs for the less fortunate. "Alaska's social programs can inspire life in the rest of the United States, but above all in its economy," says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The businessman thus defended the methods by which the state government of Alaska helps the citizens prosper. As part of his project to visit each state in the United States, Zuckerberg came to Homer, Alaska. From there he reflected on the different social security programs as a way to provide some "good lessons for the rest of our country".

"This is a novel approach to basic income in some aspects," says Zuckerberg. "In the first place, it is financed with natural resources instead of raising taxes." Secondly, it is about conservative principles of a smaller government, rather than progressive principles of a wider safety net. basic are a bipartisan idea." 

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