They Prohibit Taking "Selfies" When Voting in These States

While it is a charming display of civic pride, selfies with your ballot could cause problems if you plan to upload them to social networks, regardless of whether someone influential or not, could bring bad times. Before pulling the lever on election day, see the list of states that do not allow selfies or photos: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Lowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.
  Keep your phones, because they do not allow photographs at polling places or voting booths, or both. Granted, the laws often do not apply in simple adivertencias as someone kindly asks you to stop, but that does not mean you should go against the rules.

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Faces of California

He Submerged 60 Feet Under the Water for a "Selfie"

A selfie taken along the highest bridge in California almost cost a woman's life after trying to take selfies in a restricted area of ​​the Foresthill Bridge where she lost her balance and ended up submerged 60 feet underwater after a fall of 730 feet of height ending inconcinsient and with fractures that would require surgery.

The County Sheriff who saved the woman's life said it's amazing that she survived by being left alone: ​​"This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family," the office said. in a post on Facebook.
Paul Goncharuk who was in the group of six friends said: "They were taking a picture on the bridge and then the big locks that held the bridge together, she stepped on them a little strangely and lost her balance and fell backwards".
"It's a great place to take pictures, but honestly it's not worth the risk", "Worse still, you can lose your life and none of that is worth a selfie! Enjoy the bridge and the canyon from the designated areas", They said at the Sheriff's Commissary.
However, warnings like that seem to have little impact on some daredevils who search social networks for a variety of photos taken in restricted areas or allowed places of extreme privacy that so much attracts the attention of many adventurers.

Facebook is Building a New Campus in California.

The tech giant, which moved to a 430,000-square-foot facility in Menlo Park, California just a couple of years ago, announced Friday that it plans to build "Willow Campus," or what it describes as a "village of use." mixed". "Facebook is redesigning the old Menlo Science and Technology Park for the campus, which is located near the current headquarters of the company." According to a Facebook blog post, the campus will include a grocery store, a pharmacy and 1,500 units of housing, of which 200 will be sold for "less than market rates." Recode reports Willow Campus will offer 1.75 million square feet of office space, although it is not clear which part of that room Facebook will use and how much it could rent or The new campus aims to be an addition to the existing Facebook office space, not a replacement.
Willow Campus will also have 125,000 square feet of commercial space, says Facebook, and many of Willow Campus's amenities will be open to the public and even generate a great variety of jobs, which will undoubtedly be a great contribution to the state's family economy, the construction would end in 2021 according to Facebook. Show the world your most iconic expression! Join us! Upload your photo!


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Facebook is Building a Massive "Mixed-Use Village" in California.

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