This is what the Caribbean Islands Look Like on Satellites After Hurricane Irma

NASA has published a series of images of the devastation caused by the hurricane. In them it is observed that some of the islands have even yielded part of their land to the sea. Also, the color change of the earth is appreciated, because the strong winds that took away the greater part of the vegetation of the islands and the tonal variation in the ocean, caused by the attraction of deep waters by Irma that reflect more intensely the sunlight.
The images provided by the NASA satellite reflect a clear contrast of how the Caribbean islands were now devastated following Irma's passage, although in some it is clear that they suffered more from the effects of the hurricane. This is the case of Barbuda, one of the most affected by the typhoon and in which 95% of the buildings were destroyed, compared to the island of Antigua, which still maintains some of its vegetation.

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Sir Richard Branson Poses for Selfies for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Sir Richard Branson has visited Royal Navy flagship the HMS Ocean to thank the military for their relief efforts after Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through the Caribbean.

The 67-year-old billionaire was said to have posed for 150 selfies as he toured the vessel, meeting the sailors in a morale-boosting visit to show appreciation for their work. Nick Wood, executive officer of HMS Ocean, said Sir Richard "had time for a word with everybody" when he toured the ship on Saturday.

The ship dropped anchor off the British Virgin Islands on Friday after powering across the Atlantic Ocean to join the Task Force helping those whose homes and businesses have been devastated.

Laden with more than 60 tonnes of aid, 650 military personnel, landing craft and nine helicopters, its cargo also includes building materials, vehicles and tools.

"He was brilliant, I think he recognises how much the military has done for the islands in particular and what stuck me is how much ownership he feels towards the BVI," said Mr Wood. "Today was him coming on board pressing the flesh with all the sailors and just saying thank you - posing for 150 selfies - the ship's company was absolutely made up, he loved it. 

After Irma, Trump Would Travel to Virgin Islands

After Irma, Trump would travel to Virgin Islands to assess damages. President Donald Trump plans to visit the US Virgin Islands soon to inspect the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Territory Governor Kenneth Mapp said the visit would be held next week but did not elaborate.
Before arriving in Florida, Irma, who reached category 5 and a size larger than the one of the Floridian peninsula, passed through several Caribbean islands, the last one of them Cuba, and left almost 40 dead and substantial material damages.

Irma Leaves at Least 10 Deaths as She Passes Through the Caribbean

Irma leaves at least 10 deaths as she passes through the Caribbean
, where major damage is reported to infrastructures, and two more cyclones, José and Katia, threaten that region and the Mexican coast.
At least six people died in the US Virgin Islands due to Hurricane Irma, local media Virgin Islands Free Press reported Thursday.

People died on the island of Santo Tomás, the main island of the archipelago and where the capital is located, crushed or hit by walls that collapsed in the buildings where they were, reported the news portal.

USA initiated the evacuation of all patients at the Roy L. Schneider Medical Center and the Hospital to prevent any damage caused by the weather phenomenon.

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